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Samir Lydia Braaniff wins world title Northern Ireland light welterweight title
Barrie punches his way to victory New super Heavyweight champion James Gillen Ian Young in high jumping kick action
Darren Dougan WKN Middleweight champion Brawl on the Wall poster
Cabrera with Fighters Gary Fullerton Jumping MC SledgeHammer
Darren Dougan talks with BBC's Joe Lindsay about his up-n-coming fight Interview with Millennium Forums CEO Mr David McLouglin Derry City Mayor Clr Drew Thompson speaks to Master Joe Lindsay Ian Young talks to Joe Lindsay

Results from the Park Av Italian Job preview

Karma backs the Italian Job II Gary Hamilton talk to all his fans MarkMennessy talks to William Bruce at Ian Young talks of his Danilo Fanfano

A big day forKickboxing as it recieves government funding Action from Dundee Scotland where former world champion Gary Noade adds another victim to his list
Big James Gillen is ready for more action

Watch Andrew Grimason's full fight Joe Lindsay interviews Billy Murray for the BBC Gary Hamilton defends his world crown in France Would you believe it - an Irish pub called the Downpatrick in Turin Italy

Highlights from Italy Highlights from the Falls event Highlights from Prokick Northern Ireland Vs Germany A message from Human Nikmaslak to Darren Flynn

More Clips
From the
Prokick Archive
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