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WKN Full-Contact World title 12x2min Rounds 60.1 kg
Gary Hamilton (N. Ireland) Vs Oscar LARA (Spain)

Gary Hamilton
World professional Champion
Winner (5th Round KO)


Oscar LARA

World Low Kick Champion

Hamilton's Oscar performance
Gary Hamilton (N. Ireland) Vs Oscar Lara (Spain) WKN Full-Contact World title (12x2) WINNER - Gary Hamilton (5th round KO)
Belfast's Gary Hamilton kept his world title belt in style- He made a typically showbiz entrance for the millions watching around the globe, as the Simple Minds anthem blared in the background, and a pyrotechnics display shot from the Ulster Hall Stage. But it was the fireworks Hamilton produced in the ring that will have especially pleased his ever-growing army of fans. He started as he meant to go on with a solid left-footed kick to Lara's midriff, followed with a good roundhouse kick, and three spinning back kicks, all in the space of round one. Five powerful roundhouse kicks from Hamilton got his second round under way, while he was also dodging most of what the Spaniard was providing. Spurred on by the crowd, the Ulster fighter looked sharp and focussed. Another spinning back kick left Lara shattered, although he rose with a seemingly defiant fist in the air. Round three seemed to be going a little better for Lara, but yet another spinning back kick winded him towards the end. By round four, it was now all about how much longer the Spanish fighter could withstand Hamilton's explosive power. A roundhouse to the head sent Lara to the floor, suggesting the end was in sight. When Hamilton connected with another superb roundhouse in the following round, the result was the same. Except this time there was no coming back for Lara. Hamilton has continued to show time and again that he has the dedication and ability to get to the very top in his chosen sport. And it looks like it will be a long time before anyone will take this particular belt from this amazing you man.

World professional Champion
Winner (1st Round KO)


WKN Thai World title 5x3min Rounds
Mohamed Samir
(France) Vs Cinti Filippo (Italy)

Italian contender
Cinti Filippo

Mohamed Samir (France) Vs Chinti Filippo (Italy)
WKN Lightweight Thai-Boxing World title (5x3) WINNER - Mohamed Samir (1st round KO)
Anybody hoping for an insight into the unusual and fascinating world of Muay Thai will have gleaned very little from this outing. The only Muay Thai bout of the evening between defending world champion Mohamed Samir of France and Italy's Chinti Filippo lasted just over a minute, after Filippo sustained a damaged collarbone as a result of being hurled to the ground by the world champion.
All at ProKick and Billy Murray Promotions wish him a very speedy recovery.

Paul Cummins
Former World Champion
WKN European title Bout 10x2min Rounds
Paul Cummins ( Ireland)
Daniel Nordas ( Norwary)

Daniel Nordas
Winner (Points)

World Champion

Winner (2nd Round KO)
WKN Pro/am Low Kick World title 7x2min Rounds
Gary Noade (N. Ireland)
Dário Teixeira (Portugal)

Dário Teixeira
World Champion Low kick

Former World Am Champion

Winner (Points)

WKN Full-Contact International Prestiges bout 5x2min Rounds
Sean Collier (Rep. of Ireland)
Gus Bratt (Holland )

Gus Bratt

Sean Collier of Wexford, Ireland …showed a great deal of technical kicking ability, combined with a demonstration of just how powerful his punches are too. Collier fought well throughout against Holland's Gus Bratt, but really came into his own as the fight went on. In round three, a smashing left hook floored Bratt for a count of 8, and in round four he delivered two excellent spinning back kicks to boot. However, by the final round it was obvious that one of the Dutchman's greatest strengths is his ability to absorb blow after blow. Collier took the points decision, Bratt can be proud though as he is the first fighter in three years to have brought the Irish man the distance. Well done to Gus Bratt for taking the fight a very short notice.


Jackie Mills

British Champion

WKN International Prestige Bout 5x2min Rounds
Jackie Mills (Scotland))
Chantal Nadon (Canada)

Chantal Nadon
World professional Champion

Jackie Mills (Scotland) vs Chantal Nadon (Canada)
WKN Full-Contact International Prestige Bout - 4x2 minute rounds DRAW
Another close fight, with Mills showing some true Scottish grit against one of the world's truly great female fighters. Nadon did not appear to attack as aggressively as she might have done, and while she possibly threw the more punches and kicks, it was Mills who was making them count. As it was, a draw was a reasonable result, but it is quite possible that if the fight had gone on for a few more rounds, the Scot may have emerged victorious. Kickboxing Mania VI was supported by the Belfast City Council and N.Ireland Events Company and sponsored the the People Sunday news Paper, and the Hoilday Inn Belfast. Finally, It looks like this is only the beginning for TV event from Belfast as Billy Murray heads out is Paris this weekend for further talks with the TV giant Eurosport, stay tuned to www.ProKick.com….
Pro-am world Super welterweight world title
Chris Carslow(Scotland) Vs Arild Mikarlsen (Norway)
Winner Chris Carslow (Points)
WKN Pro International Middleweight Prestige Bout 5x2min Rounds
Two World Champions collide
Lex Easdon (Scotland) Vs Bernard Merche (France)
Lex Easdon (Scotland) Vs Bernard Merche (France)
WKN International Prestige bout (5x2) DRAW
In many ways, possibly the most evenly contested fight of the night was between undisputed middleweight world champion Lex Easdon of Scotland and French Light Heavyweight world champion Bernard Merche. The opening round set the tone for the rest of the bout, with very little between them. In round two, Easton suffered a cut above the left eye in the second round, and while this can often be a crucial turning point in such a close fight, it had little effect on the outcome of this one. Both were connecting well, and it was proving very difficult to separate throughout the course of the fight, and when the final bell arrived at the end of round five, both were smiling, with good reason. We hope to see more of Lex Easdon in Belfast - the undisputed champ from Paisley in Scotland
WKN Pro/am British Bout 4x2min Rounds
Nick Baird (N. Ireland) Vs David Hill
Winner Nick Baird (Points)
WKN Pro/am International Prestige Bout 70kg
Brian Boyd (N.Ireland) Vs Richard Pedro (Switzerland)
Winner Brian Boyd (Points)
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