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Kickboxing Mania

Kick Mania…. The Kickboxing Mania Series is promoted by four times four weight World Champion Billy Murray.

The concept is a simple one:
The promotions are aimed at bringing the best exponents of all three disciplines of kickboxing together to compete for European, Intercontinental and World titles. In doing so we help spread the sport of kickboxing globally, also creating opportunities for some up-and-coming competitors to compete on international events at home and abroad. We also believe our events have a direct benefit at home through tourism and creating publicity for northern Ireland which helps the country in a positive way.

As Northern Ireland and indeed the world will soon sit down to witness the sixth KickBoxing Mania, there will be many onlookers with fond memories of the five that have past before…

- Dundonald International Ice Bowl staged the inaugural showdown of some of the world's best KickBoxing talent when we saw the UK Vs USA - Mania II opted for the setting of the Castle Leisure Centre, Bangor, County Down, and pitted ten nations against each other in various guises and weight divisions

- KickBoxing Mania III, which took place at a sold out Waterfront Hall. Northern Ireland's most famous kick-boxer, Billy Murray, rolled back the years to win his fourth ever World title.

- Kick mania VI witnessed the first Heavyweight Thai title contested for on Irish soil, the venue was the world famous Ulster Hall in the centre of Belfast. That's were many true boxing & kickboxing world champions competed.

- Kickboxing Mania V The worlds best Thai team ascends on Belfast. This Kick Mania marked a watershed for kickboxing in Northern Ireland. It was the first time an event was partly funded by a Government body (The NI Events Company), as well as being backed by Belfast City Council. We at ProKick believe this was the biggest step for the sport in over twenty years. - Lets get ready to rumble.. 'KickBoxing Mania VI - LIVE on Eurosport' We have lined-up one of the best fight cards so Mania VI will surpass any of the previous. Have a look at the fight card.

As the promoter of Kickboxing Mania - I have only one wish…
''Being a World Champion again was great, but I'd trade it all away if only the people would come out in force to support the new generation - that includes both the punters and the press. We shouldn't fall into the spoilt ethos of waiting until a fighter, in Boxing or KickBoxing, is competing for World glory before we turn out to see him, or indeed, her. I thank everyone that attends the Mania for NOT doing that. 'On June 7th we will see local lads with as much ability now as I had at their age.
Hopefully we'll move with the times and get behind the future champions.''

Billy Murray