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Holiday Inn Hotel Belfast - October 30

Here's the LadyKillers Results:

Lydia Braniff

Main event: The British Atomweight championship
5x2 mins rounds
Lydia Braniff ( ProKick NI) Vs Denise Mellor (England)
Winner on points - Braniff

Denise Mellor


Bout:11 International Flyweight contest
4x2 mins rounds
Barbara “The One” Delaney (Dublin ROI) Vs Tiffany Williams (England)
Winner on points - Delaney

Bout:10 International Flyweight contest
3x2 mins rounds
Nicola Collins (Galway ROI) Vs Trina Thorkildsen (Norway)
Winner on points - Thorkildsen

Bout:9 International Welterweight contest
3x2 mins rounds
Andrea McAllister (ProKick NI) Vs Henriette Roed (Norway
Winner on points - McAllister

An all Celt affair
Duration: all 3x1.5 mins rounds
Bout:8 A contest at Lightweight
Catherine McAleer (Rosario Karate - Belfast NI) Vs Donna Larkin (Galway ROI)
Winner on points - McAleer
Bout:7 A contest at Super Bantamweight
Gail Hagan (ProKick NI) Vs Adele Steinbeck (Scotland)
Winner on points - Hagan
Bout:6 A contest at Lightweight
Natalie Deronja (ProKick NI) Vs Valerie Scully (Galway ROI)
Winner on points - Deronja

Duration: all 2x2 minute rounds
Bout:5 A contest at Atomweight
Janice Lindsay (ProKick NI) Vs Moira Wharton (Scotland)
Winner on points - Lindsay
Bout:4 A contest at Atomweight
Eileen Gray (ProKick NI) Vs Fan Spence ProKick)
Demo bout - Draw
Bout:3 A contest at Flyweight
Tina Cunningham (ProKick NI) Vs Yvonne Sheehy (Galway ROI)
Winner on points - Sheehy
Bout:2 A contest at Light-welterweight
Tara Dougan (ProKick NI) Vs Sinead Kelly – (Galway ROI)

Demo and rules by:
No:1 Stephane Wilson Vs Fran Spence


Female matches - LadyKillers October 30th