Results - The Next Generation event
Belfast’s Park Avenue Hotel September 25.
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All fighter and teams before the event
The latest in a series of similarly styled shows which sees first-time fighters and novices from across Ireland and the UK get their first taste of competitive action.
The event was sold-out six weeks in advance when almost 500 tickets for the show were snapped within 36 hours. For more info on kickboxing call the ProKick hotline on 02890 651074.
New British champion
Running order as the fights happened

All 3x1 ½ minute rounds

Maurice McClean (winner 2TKO) (Prokick) Vs Martin McErlane - (The Loup Magherfelt)

Gareth Heaney(winner points) (Prokick)
Vs Christopher Gillen (Dublin)
Matt Russell (Prokick) (winner 2TKO)
Vs Barry O'Brien debutante(The Loup-Magherfelt)
Paul Scott
Vs Alexander White (winner 2TKO)(Scotland)
Gordon Anderson (Winner no show) (Prokick) debutante
Vs Ian Dice (Kicktec Scotland)

Robert Lyttle(Prokick)
Vs Johnny McCabe (winner 2TKO)(Top-Pro Kilkenny)
Robert Kerwin (T Quinn K-kenny) (15) 59k Vs Darren Armstrong (Kicktec Scotland) (15) 57k
Phil Parker (Prokick) (winner 1TKO) Vs Derek Murphy (Tom Quinn- Kilkenny )debutante 60kg
Scott Harper (winner points) (Prokick)
Vs Larry Quann (Top-Pro Kilkenny) 78kg.
Stephen Quinn (T Quinn-Kilkenny) Vs Ray McGowan (winner 2nd opponent retired)(Black Dragon)
William Gray (Prokick) debutante 65kg
Vs Joe Smith (winner RSF 2nd)(Isle of Man)
Stephen Cully (ProKick)(failed medical) Vs Tihica Silviv Bogdahel (Black Dragon)
Mark Hennessy (winner TKO 1st) (ProKick) Vs Kevin Kelly (Tom Quinn)
Bill Morrow (Prokick)
Vs Mike Shields (winner points) (Kicktec Scotland)
Darren Dougan (The Loup ) (winner points)Vs Chris Bishop (Isle of Man)
DEMO - Tony Darling (Prokick) Vs Liam Foley (Tom Quinn- Kilkenny)
DEMO - Eduard Chiperi (Black Dragon Galway)
Vs Tihica Silviv Bogdahel (Black Dragon)
Freddie Kinnersley (Prokick) Vs Pat Jordon (failed medical)(Tom Quinn)
Gordon Anderson (Draw) - (Prokick) debutante Vs Johnny McCabe (Top-Pro Kilkenny)

3x2 minute rounds
Kyle Cully (winner by KO 3rd) (Prokick)
Vs David Walsh (Top-Pro Kilkenny)

Prestige match 4x2 minute rounds
Paul Day (Prokick) (failed medical)
Vs Eduard Chiperi (Black Dragon Galway)

WKN All Ireland Light welterweight title
4x2 minute rounds

Marty Keys (Prokick) Vs Owen Flatley - champion - (winner points) (Black Dragon Galway)

WKN British super welterweight Title
5x2 minute rounds

Andrew Grimason (winner by KO 2nd) (Prokick) Vs Zander Paterson -champion (Kicktec Scotland)