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Noade could be King in all three styles

Latest news on the event

Gary Noade has a lot on the menu for the coming weeks. Having put a hold on the paid ranks for a while, Noade will first compete in Glasgow, then of to Portugal for another change of styles - this time it is in the the art of Thai-Boxing. This is discipline he wants to concentrate on most of all that when he gets around to turn professional.
The amateur European title contest will be against Dario Teixeira, the same man Noade knocked out in the second round for the Low-Kick world title at the beginning of June and according to Noade it will be the same result this time as well.
If Noade is successful, he may want to dominate the Thai-Boxing discipline as well and if he does, he will hold all three world title’s as an amateur. However he will be considering the option to turn pro in front of the home fans at the Ulster Hall in September, after all he has made it perfectly clear, that is his goal.

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