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Full Contact rules permit all types of kicks and punches including spinning or turning back fist. All target areas in this division to be above the belt only. In addition to approved boxing gloves (8oz. for 153 lbs. and under, 10 oz. gloves for all weight categories over 153 Ibs..), approved foot pads and shin guards are also mandatory. Kicking judges will count kicks for each of the two fighters. Eight kicks are mandatory per round. A knockdown or standing 8 count, is counted as a kick for both fighters. There is a half point penalty for each missed kick and disqualification for failing to meet the Mandatory Kick Rule (MKR) in any two rounds for any match of 6 rounds or less. In bouts in 7-11 rounds failing the MKR in any 3 rounds means disqualification. For a 12 round bout, if the MKR is not fulfilled in any 4 rounds, the fighter is disqualified. If a fighter fails to fulfil the MKR in any two consecutive rounds they will be disqualified. Sweeps must be to the front leg only from the outside in with the sole of the foot. Rounds are two minutes long with a one minute rest. Long Karate type pants are mandatory (no Thai shorts).


Free style rules follow the Full Contact format except for the following:
a). Roundhouse type kicks are allowed to the legs above the knee
b). There is no minimum kicking requirement
c). Shinguards and foot pads are optional for professional fighters.
d). If one fighter elects to wear footpads his opponent must wear them also
e). Thai style shorts are encouraged in this division
f). Sweeps are allowed to the inside or outside of the front or back leg


Thai rules follow the Oriental rules except for the following
a). Knees may be permitted to the head
b). Elbow strikes, with the exception of the spinning elbow, may be permitted
c). Hook kicks and spinning hook kicks may be used to the legal targets on the legs
d). All title fights will be 5x3 minute rounds in length
e). A two minute rest period between rounds may be permitted in championship bouts Rules may vary from country to country this is dependant upon the decisions of the National Sporting Council who will state which are legal/illegal techniques.


Amateur matches will usually be sanctioned under Full Contact and Freestyle rules only. All amateur fighters are required to wear approved headguards, shinguards and foot pads, in addition to standard equipment. Pre-made hand wraps approved by the WKN representative may be allowed. If pre-made hand wraps are used, the fighters may not put any tape over the pre-made hand wrap. All other rules apply as per professional Full Contact and Freestyle matches. Most amateur matches will consist of three rounds of two minutes each, with a one minute rest period. With the approval of the WKN, amateur title matches may be of 4 or 5 rounds duration, for championship bouts 5x2 minute rounds are mandatory. Novice fighters may be permitted to fight rounds of one and a half minutes per round, with the approval of the WKN representative. Under no circumstances may amateur fighters receive a purse. This is a only a brief outline of WKN rules. For further information contact your local WKN representative.

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