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  Billy Murray began training fighters at the start of the 1980’s in Newtownards’ Pound Street gym, before he moved to Switzerland.On his return, at the end of 1990, the Prokick gym, a fitness, self-defence and fight stable, was set-up in east Belfast. The spit and sawdust centre is now in it's second decade, having been established in January 1993. Prokick has taught thousands of students and fighters. Affiliated clubs across the province bring the total to 13.

There is a comprehensive self-defence system and fitness plans for weight loss and weight gain. This improves the self-esteem of participants as well as teaching a valuable skill. Our fighters have performed at prestigious venues across the province. They have travelled to Europe, Asia and North America. We pride ourselves on helping the development of our sport and campaigning for global recognition.

Prokick is the only Kickboxing organisation in the province to receive recognition from a local authority. Belfast City Council backs all Prokick events in their jurisdiction because they recognise the boost to tourism and community relations which the shows create.