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Ladies Only Sparring Class


Some of Murray's Minters - prokick's  female kickboxersLAST week was judgment day for a host of novice kickboxers as they took their competitive bows at a massive sparring session at the world famous ProKick Gym in Belfast .
Almost 20 wannabe female fighters from all over the country and as far away as Strabane, took to the ring with most for the first time in a mixed class, all wanting a taster of the contact side of the sport – this is the latest in an ongoing series of new classes designed at bringing through new talent.
Now the ladies have their own sparring class: -
Due to the popular demand of this class, Prokick will run the ladies only class for 4 weeks which starts this Tuesday 2nd August at 8pm and it will run until 23rd August - if the success story continues, another time slot will be allocated to keep the class on-going.
All female ProKick members are welcome to try out the sparring class and any who attended the mixed class on Wednesday, your sparring class is now Tuesday's until the 23 August.
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three Lisburn membersKickboxing in Northern Ireland is about to become dominated by female competitors, according to one of the sports driving forces.

The upsurge in interest from women for the sport has stunned seasoned kickboxers and could leave their male counterparts in the minority.

“It’s an incredible situation,” said kickboxing kingpin Billy Murray who runs 12 ProKick club across Northern Ireland with over 1,500 members. “Numbers of women taking classes has gone through the roof. In the past, we offered female only classes to encourage involvement – to show that kickboxing was not simply a male preserve – but if current trends continue we will have to offer incentives to get men back through the doors. At present I’d estimate our membership is around 60%/40% women to men across our 12 clubs. That’s a seismic shift from even five years when we had less than 10% female membership.”

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