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Sparring Class - Ladies Only


THE next generation of Ladykillers came out kicking at the Prokick Gym last night (August 2). Last October female fighters from all over Ireland competed in the first-ever all girl fight card - selling out the Holiday Inn in Belfast and at the same time inspiring newcomers to the sport.

Prokick coach Billy Murray is "overwhelmed" by the female interest in what was once perceived as a male only sport.

"More and more women are coming into the gym to train and compete in kickboxing," said Murray.

"They come to improve their fitness and diet awareness and some then take the step into the competitive side of the sport. Many of the ladies who join our classes do not come with the intention of getting into the ring and trading punches and kicks. But when they see others doing it the are intrigued and want to have crack at it.

"At a beginners class last week 15 people turned up and 14 of them were girls. That's an indication of the level of interest from women."

Such is the demand members, Murray has launched a ladies only sparring class that will run for four weeks throughout August (ending on August 23).

All female ProKick members are welcome to try out the sparring class and any who attended the mixed class on Wednesday.
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If you want to get involved in Ireland fastest growing sport either for fitness, self-defense or just for fun then call 028 9065 1074.


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