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Dessie Macartney brother hits belfast after 25 years down under and found his older sibling pounding punch-bags at ProKick


All the wee Macartney 'sEddie Macartney visited his brother and all their family in Belfast after 25 years living in Australia - He found his 56-year-old brother Dessie hitting the a kickboxing gym four times a week when most other grandfathers his age are normally sitting in the armchairs and flick through the papers - The fighting grandfather is a news breed of keep fit enthusiast in Belfast.
“Throughout my entire life I was never motivated to get involved in any sport,” said Dessie.
Now all the family is punching bags at the gym its great."

Happy  day at ProKickRead Dessie's story

Lets hope Brother Eddie take a little more back to Australia than the soda bread which Belfast is famous for - hopefully Eddie will sign up for a kickboxing course down under - We all hope to see you back in Belfast soon in good old Belfast Mr Macartney and that you don't leave it as long the next time. Or better still, if Dessie moved out there he could start a Prokick gym and he could stop beating up the younger fighters and making us all look bad in sparring.

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