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Some Prokick club news

Dear Prokick members -
Below is some information for ProKick members along with some dates for your diary.

Class changes
All ProKick classes are back to normal in PK-HQ - check class times and level of classes to suit.
For Prokick clubs around the country speak directly to your club instructors for class times over July and August as class times differ from centre-centre.

July 19th: - If you have missed any of your classes on the Tuesday or Wednesday beginners classes or missed the end classes or the grading - phone on Monday to 028 9065 1074, otherwise, your next class for non graded members starts at 8.00pm - 8.45pm on Wednesday 19th July - Hope to see you there. Or simply enroll in another six week beginners class. If in doubt call the above number

New Sparring class:

July 20th: A new sparring class for beginning starts this week for the wannabe kickboxing champions - Note before starting: this is NOT a fighters class! This is designed for the kickboxing enthusiast who wants to step up another level and have a sparring session with the understanding that it is in a controlled environment and a class for non competitors - start at 7.30 - 8.30 pm and will only take place at Prokick HQ, Wilgar Street. ( Competitors stick to fighter classes only)

New Kids Sparring class:
July 21st: A new kids sparring class for beginning starts this week for the young wannabe champions of the future - Note before starting: this is NOT a fighters class! Just like the new adult class this is designed for the young stars to practice their moves in a controlled environment - start at 6 -7pm and will only take place at Prokick HQ, Wilgar Street.

Two New 6 week beginners classes
July 22nd:
A new six week beginners course will commence on Friday 22nd July which is at 7 to 7.45pm.
July 24th: And the second will start on Sunday 24th July - again an adults six week course which starts at 11 to 11.45am.
To enroll in either of the classes, call 028 9065 1074 or drop us a line. If you want to know a little more click here.

July 28th & 29th:
ProKick is getting into the summer mood this next week when it launchs a free Summer Scheme for juniors.
Dozens of gym members aged 6 – 13 years will take part in the two day event which will run on Thursday and Friday 28th & 29th July. The scheme was a roaring success last year with the Wilgar Street gym packed with 50 kids on each day.
“This will only be the second time we’ve tried a summer scheme, last year was a roaring success,” said chief coach Billy Murray. “We thought it’d be a great idea to give the kids something to do during the day and provide somewhere safe and fun so the parents could relax. We’re now going to run it right through the summer. It’s only open to ProKick members, but we’re taking membership for new classes, so if parents we’re interested in a great free scheme for the kids, we’d be delighted to have them along.”
Infomation on joining a prokick class around the country call ProKick’s 24 hotline on 028 9065 1074

A new ProKick Kids class starting soon:
August 30th:
On Saturday 30th August at 10am we have a new class for kids aged between 6 and 12 years of age, to enroll in this or any of the classes call the number above.

August 7th:
Will see a kids grading for all levels - with a senior grading for blue and above for adults. More details to follow on this shortly.

August 28th:
Negotiations are in process for ProKick Kickboxing gym to stage an event in Carrickfergus. More news on this story as it develops.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Yours in Kickboxing

ProKick HQ

Prokick HQ Tel. 028 9065 1074

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