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Always complaining that there is nothing on the TV these days?

Well, there’s a treat in-store for fight fans this Saturday night as the recent world championship kickboxing from Belfast's Odyssey Arena is broadcast.
The massive Kickboxing Mania show – which saw a host of world beaters including France’s Mohammad Samir and Belfast’s own Gary Hamilton – will be shown on sporting network Eurosport 2 (July 16) at 9pm GMT or 10pmCET. said the event promoter and “The Odyssey event was several leaps beyond anything we had done before,” the sport’s longtime loudest cheerleader Billy Murray said. “It was the sort of quality evening you only usually get at top championship conventional Boxing events. So sit back, grab a beer and enjoy a night of great thrills.
“And remember, we will also have a massive show at the Ulster Hall on December 19.
Put that in your diary now!”
KickMAS event for Dec 19th at the Ulster Hall and other LIVE dates for next year too.”
He added: “I think the time is upon us when we can stop considering Kickboxing to be a minority sport. It is now very much one of the main growth sports in Ireland, with Belfast as its epicentre."

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