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Mums The Word On New Kickboxing Sensation


Glenn Stewart a six year old Antrim native is tipped to become a world-beater. So says Kickboxing kingpin Billy Murray, “Glenn started at the Prokick gym in Belfast last year and although only six years, he is already showing signs that he could have what it takes”. Billy went on to say, “It’s all thanks to his mum Mrs Stewart who drives the kickboxing mad six-year-old here to the gym twice a week for his classes.”
Kickboxing has had an upsurge in the last few years with more clubs springing up all over the country this is helped by Prokick’s ongoing drive and commitment to a sport which offers fun fitness classes, self defence and a competitive sport which is all rolled into one.
“I’m delighted that Glenn has taken up kickboxing, it’s a great way for him to learn self defence, he really loves the training and I’ve no fears on bringing him to kickboxing every week - ProKick are very strict with their no nonsense approach and have the non contact kickboxing for kids, it ideal.”
Prokick are currently looking for an outlet to teach in the Antrim area, “we have at least 30-40 Antrim members who are travelling two and three times a week to the head quarters in East Belfast, so if we had something closer to home for them I’m sure we could double that.” Said a Prokick spoke person.
For further information on ProKick for fitness, fun and competitive kickboxing telephone the prokick hotline on 028 9065 1074

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