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Amber Murray hopes to follow in her daddy and Uncle's footstepsLITTLE Ballyclare girl Amber Murray is following in the footsteps of her famous uncle Billy, kicking her way to a record belt haul!

At just 14 years of age Amber has already passed her green-belt grade at the Prokick Gym in Belfast where former world champion Billy Murray is head coach.

No sooner had Amber here green belt around her waist when she began studying for the blue belt, a remarkable achievement for one so young.
But she comes from fighting stock, with father John a former Ulster boxing champion and Irish kicking title holder.

The Glengormley High pupil is targeting a black-belt but travelling restrictions has dictated the pace of her progress.
But with interest in kickboxing gathering in east-Antrim, Amber is set to welcome new classes in Larne and Carrickfergus.

keep it in the family - although Jonathon (pictured left) Amber's brother, does not like fitness training and specialises in the art of origami (paper folding) he supports Amber 100% as uncle Billy looks on “It’s not easy being a 14-year-old without a driving licence, so I have to rely on my brother and sister to take me to Belfast for training and usually I have to do them a favour in return,” she said.

“I would be further up the grading system by now had I a gym on my doorstep but I am happy with my progress so far. I get extra training with my dad, working on the pads. He has a lot of experience in kickboxing and boxing.”

Prokick Gym head coach Murray said: “Amber is a fine example of the teenagers at Prokick Gym, who are progressing through the ranks and practicing our motto, Truth, Discipline and Respect.
“She is actively involved in hockey and is a big boxing fan, and to have such a healthy interest in sport is superb.”

Amber is currently preparing for GCSE exams, studying child development, IT and French.

Inspired by current British and Irish champion Lydia Braniff, the teenager may follow her into the ring one day.
“I have thought about competing because it looks exciting,” said Amber.
“It all depends on my progress. Lydia Braniff is there best female fighter we have and she is dedicated to training. I know it would be a big undertaking to reach that level.”

Tickets for the December 19 KICKmas BOX show at the Ulster Hall are now on sale at the Prokick Gym, 028 90 651 074. Tickets prices are: Ringside £50; Ringside Two £40; Ringside Three £30; Outside seating £25; Outer Ring £17.50; Choir seating £15; Balcony (unreserved) £20; Family (Choir area), Two adults, Two children £40.


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