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Prokick club news for Oct/Nov


Dear Prokick members -

Here we are in another busy month at ProKick - I hope you are all well and enjoying the training at the Prokick gyms - below is some class info along with some other dates for your diary.

Belfast City Hall: We started off October making history yet again at Prokick, would you believe it, we built a Kickboxing ring on the front lawn of the Belfast City Hall and had the Lord Mayor of Belfast in the ring sparring with world champion Gary Hamilton, what about that? We also had Prokick members as young as five years of age demonstrating their kickboxing skills whilst their parents proudly looked on. Scotland's Alexander White also helped out in the festivities to celebrate sport in Belfast. Big thumbs up to Belfast's City Fathers for being open minded and backing the sport of kickboxing as a sport for all.

The ProKick Kids sparring class will continue as normal through popular demand bring on our next champions. Every Thursday at 6pm.

All students whom recently graded on the 16 Oct - please note: that you must stay in your original classes until told otherwise by your instructor.

ATTENTION: Tuesday and Thursday night beginners which both start at 8pm. We are pleased to inform you that you now have the opportunity of two nights training. Tuesday’s 8pm class can now join the Thursday 8pm class and visa versa.
There will be a grading on the 13th November and we hope to see you all there, speak to your instructor first for more information.

Do you want to be Prokick's next top instructor? And if so, We want you! Part 1. of the instructors course will commence 29th Oct - from 3-5pm and will run every Saturday for four weeks. So put your name down ASAP Contact us for details or Phone 028 9065 1074.

November 11th: A new six week beginners course will commence Friday 11th November, 7-7.45pm.If you know someone interested in getting started simply ask them to call 028 9065 1074 to enroll. If you want to know a little more, here's the most ask questions FAQ's click here.

November 13th: Grading at Prokick HQ for yellow, orange belts. Junior & Adults grades. . Please note if you're attempting a grade please pass your name along with your license onto your instructor.
TIME: Will be announced soon.

We are now pleased to inform you that Prokick has taken delivery of all its new equipment.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yours in Kickboxing
ProKick HQ

Prokick HQ Tel. 028 9065 1074


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