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Mummy & Baby are both great...Gary and Mum are both very happy. KICKBOXING champion Gary Hamilton showed his soft side today (FRIDAY 2nd) when he set eyes on his new-born daughter, then vowed to make her a world champion!
Hamilton’s partner, Shankill Road girl Andrea McAllister, gave birth to Paige who weighed in at 7lb even at the Royal Victoria Hospital.
Hamilton, who was in devastating form during his win over Douglas Morrison in Carrickfergus last Sunday, will also have to make a champion out of his partner Andrea, for she is determined to return to the ring too!
The 23-year-old’s kickboxing career with the Prokick Gym in east-Belfast was taking off when the new addition to the family came along. Andrea had hoped to make an instant return but had to go through a caesarean-section on Friday. However, she is determined to see some action before the end of the year.
The good news for Andrea is that surgeons have been impressed by her physical condition and have suggested her recovery period may be quicker than most women who have gone through the experience.
“I was fortunate to be in good shape before the pregnancy and therefore my stomach muscles should repair sooner than most,” she said.
Her coach, former world champ Billy Murray said: “Andrea is an inspiration to women who would like a healthier, fitter lifestyle. She has just gone through a major operation but feels that half the battle has already been won because of her physical condition.
“We have a show in the Ulster Hall in December and I would not be surprised if she was demanding a place on the fight card.”



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