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“Prokick to hit Aberdeen”

Ian Young Gun ready for actionIAN Young will take a new look and moniker into his Celtic title fight in Scotland next week.
The chisel-chinned former Linfield player plans to shoot down Ziggy Ferguson in a Blaze of Glory as Ian ‘Young Gun’ this Saturday April 15.
The two-time Irish League title winner is loaded with determination to take down Ferguson with a barrel full of lead after the Scotsman’s camp rubbished Young’s chances of bringing the title back to his Belfast ranch – the Prokick Gym.
Its ‘High Noon’ for Young and Ferguson. The pair were forced to share the Celtic light-middleweight belt following their showdown at the Ulster Hall last December, where Ferguson’s failure to meet a kick-count gave Young fifty per cent of the takings.
As Young prepares to ‘Ride Lonesome’ into Aberdeen on his ‘Stagecoach’ the Saintfield man said: “Ferguson’s people had a bit of a go at me last week, saying that he was robbed in our Belfast fight.
“I felt I beat him on the night and I was very disappointed with the outcome. If Ferguson feels he beat me and was robbed, why then hasn’t he taken the opportunity for a re-match before now.
“He’s been making excuses about university studies. I’ve never met a university student who studies and I reckon he’s been dodging me.”
Young’s debut took place in Aberdeen last year and he holds no fear about facing a hostile reception.
“I’m going into Ferguson’s camp and the support will be behind him but I intend to silence it. I have worked hard for this moment and I’ve never been in better shape. There will be no sharing of the title this time around.”
Young, who also trains Glentoran stars Gary Browne and Philip Simpson at the Prokick Gym, wants to parade the Celtic title while his former club shows off the Irish Premier League crown at the end of the season.
“It would be great to join in the celebrations with my old club and I intend to make sure that I can.”

Some of the local Prokick fighters who will also take part on the Aberdeen Card

WKN Light middleweight World Amateur Title

Andrew Grimason (Belfast NI) Vs Steve Kitchener ( Fraserburgh Scotland)

WKN British heavyweight title
Peter Rusk (Carrickfergus NI ) Vs Darren Thompson (Aberdeen)

WKN Celtic title Light Middleweight
Ian Young (Belfast NI) Vs Ziggy Ferguson (Aberdeen Scotland)

Super Heavyweight
Martin Connolly (Carrickfergus NI) Vs Dave Hill ( Motherwell)

Light Welterweight
Stuart Jess (Dromore-NI) Vs Mickey Shields ( Motherwell)

Super Middleweight
Darren Dougan (The Loup) Vs. Paul Smith ( Motherwell)

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