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“Pictures from Aberdeen”

Report by Frantastic Spence at ringside in Aberdeen
Pictures by: Graeme Bolton

Andrew Grimason is the latest Northern Irish World beater

BELFAST'S Andrew 'The Grim Reaper' Grimason was crowned WKN light middleweight world amateur champion in Aberdeen on Saturday night.

The Belfast lad in championship action

Ian lands a hard body kick to Ziggy

IAN 'Young Gun' took his new look and moniker into his Celtic title fight on Saturday night in Scotland.
The chisel-chinned former Linfield player had planned to shoot down Ziggy Ferguson in a Blaze of Glory.

Punch perfect... new British champion Peter Rusk

Other successes on the Aberdeen fight-card
Carrickfergus' Babyfaced Assassin Peter Rusk was crowned the new cruiserweight WKN British champion when he knocked out Scotlands British champion Dareen Thompson in the 1st round.

Martin Connolly's bout was to quick we didn't get any pictures

Martin Connolly brought a new meaning to the saying, 'gone in 60 seconds' That is the time he took to get in and out of the ring after knocking out the Scottish champion Dave Hill with a powerful right hand.

Co Down man Stuart Jess lands a good kick
Co Down man Stuart Jess was beaten not broken by his defeat to the more experienced Sammi Fathallah of Switzerland last month. This time it was a different Jess that came to the ring, The Dromore man is back to his best after beating the Celtic champion Mickey Shields of Motherwell on a clear points victory. Jess will also travel to the UN's capital next month for an international contest.

Derry's Darren Dougan hits home with a good jab
Derry's Darren Dougan had his Scottish opponent on the canvas no less then six times over a scheduled three rounder against Shan Wanless. This win now rewarded Darren with a chance to fight for the Celtic super-middleweight kickboxing title after an impressive transition to the sport from Kung Fu.

"Overall the trip to Scotland was a great success bringing back two major titles and five wins out of six the only down side is the poor decision of the judges with Ian Young which I'm really gutted with. Hopefully we'll have something rectified soon. It's onward and upwards for the sport of kickboxing, we have something really worth shouting about now as we can boast 3 world champions from Northern Ireland, and there's more to come!" Said a delighted Murray.

Big special thanks to Albert Ross, Gary Langford and all the team for a great show and superb hospitality as usual...


WKN Light middleweight World Amateur Title

Andrew Grimason (Belfast NI) (Winner points) Vs Steve Kitchener ( Fraserburgh Scotland)

WKN British heavyweight title
Peter Rusk (Carrickfergus NI) (Winner 1st KO) Vs Darren Thompson (Aberdeen)

WKN Celtic title Light Middleweight
Ian Young (Belfast NI) Vs Ziggy Ferguson (Aberdeen Scotland) (winner on points)

Super Heavyweight
Martin Connolly (Carrickfergus NI) (1st KO) Vs Dave Hill ( Motherwell)

Light Welterweight
Stuart Jess (Winner on points)(Dromore-NI) Vs Mickey Shields ( Motherwell)

Super Middleweight
Darren Dougan (The Loup)(Winner by points) Vs. Shan Wanless (Dundee)

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