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Amos Twins

Joel (left) and Tony Amos  ready for SwitzerlandTWINS Tony and Joel Amos have literally fought for a holiday abroad to ensure prolong their stay away from school!
The 12-year-olds landed a dream trip to Switzerland and will go on a sight-seeing tour of Geneva in November.
But it won’t be a laid-back break for the duo for they will be in central Europe representing a Northern Ireland kickboxing team.
In preparation for their clash with a Swiss select, the Amos boys demonstrated their talent at the Comber Leisure Centre last weekend, tussling in an all-action five boy sparring session.
The twins have never travelled beyond the Northern Ireland coastlines. Proud dad Tony said his boys have “grown into confident young men” since taking up the martial art.
“The sport of Prokick kickboxing has really helped my boys. I have seen them grow in confidence and I can’t wait for them to travel to Switzerland. I am so proud of what they have accomplished so far.”
The boys travel to Switzerland on November 4 with head coach Billy Murray, the former four-time world champion.Amos' in action
Murray said: “I’ve never been outside Northern Ireland with a representative team so young. It’s great that the Amos twins are going together. It’s their first big trip outside Northern Ireland and they will never forget it.
“It’s an exciting venture too for Prokick Gym, the kickboxers and their parents. They will be the guests of Villars, a beautiful town in Switzerland. I lived close to there for two years and I know this will be a memorable experience for everyone involved.”