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Thursday morning blues

6 of the Best !Well let’s hope that its only a case of the Thursday morning blues at the Boot Camp - and not that the fighters can't cut the mustard because the Boot Camp is too tough!

Just six of Prokick’s best turned up for the early morning pounding of the streets of Belfast.
Leader of the pack was, Ian ‘The Machine Gun...I mean Young. The Celtic nation kickboxing champion. He said, "God Help all the sleepy heads that didn’t turn in, for the run this morning".

Excuse’s were coming in fast and thick, one was our British champion Mark Hennessey, said,
" he wouldn’t be at the red eye training that hopefully avoids black eye in the ring – he was taking his girlfriend to the airport as she was going on a two week holiday, and guess what guys, without Mark.
Graphic Artist Daryl Campbell replied with, " That's no excuse! She could have got the bus, its only £6.00 return".

Ian Young went on to say, " I will make sure, that for all the ones that didn’t turn in and didn’t even phone in they will do extra laps and a longer circuits. Whenever they come in for tomorrows training I will check their name against the list, for an indication of how many extra laps they are getting." He went on to say, " Mr Murray said he was only going to give them two laps each, but I don’t think its enough, I also think he’s getting soft in his old age...I mean as he’s getting older.. I mean getting on. Changing the subject where was Andrew ‘Grim Weeper’?".

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