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Andrea Hamilton Pays Homage -

Mr Eddie Salmon is the GREATEST! ...Said  Andrea HamiltonSenior men and women of the famous Prokick Gym protested that children – are getting preferential treatment from kickboxing top-man Billy Murray.
In recent weeks they have let their competitive youth shine through when the gym’s younger members returned home with trophies won at the gym’s monthly Prokick Says fun-day.
Andrea Hamilton
wife of world champion Gary Hamilton protested that the children get all the best games to play and that she could win easily over any child or indeed any of the men in the gym!
She finally got her wish for a competition FUN-DAY all of her own. And ANDREA LOST and conceeded to acknowledge that the men are BEST! And that Mr Eddie Salmon is the GREATEST!

Eddie is the KING...says Andrea!

Other runners up of the last 'ProKick Says' Competition for Kickboxing Mad seniors
Other runners up for the last 'ProKick Says' Competition for Kickboxing Mad seniors took place this week - Pictured (above) four smiling runners-up who beat off favorites Gary Fullerton and Peter Wilson and even Andrea Hamilton to lift the last medals in 2006


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