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'Hospital-Italy in Turin.'


I thought it was time to put pen to paper about our recent travels to Turin, Italy and an incident that occurred. We were in Turin for a double whammy European title show. It was mixed emotions for our team, we won a European super middleweight crown when Mark Hennessy brought home the bacon, the title that is. The reason for this story is that our other fighter Ian Young was stopped with a beautifully placed roundhouse kick to the neck by Italian, Danilo Fanfano. It was a scary moment for all our team but not so much for Ian as luckily he didn't feel it. The doctors at the event where very professional and on the ball.
In the result of Ian's stoppage, without taking anything away from Fanfano's victory, Ian spent the night at the Pronto Soccorso Nuovo.
This is the reason I have started this story, I would like to publicly thank the staff at the hospital and Doctor Davide Gatti along with Mina Miselo even though there was a slight language barrier as my Italian sounded more like French and German - I can get by with those two languages.

From the moment we arrived in the ambulance we were well taken care of by way of going straight to the front of the cue on a typical Saturday night accident emergency hospital. We were greeted by Mina Miselo who spoke no English whatsoever but her friendly approach and lovely smile soon broke down the language barrier. After all the details were given about Ian he was admitted for a nights observation, unfortunately Ian didn't get any sleep as part of his treatment included waking him up every 15 minutes. The next morning he was seen by two other specialists which included MRI scans, X-rays and the works. After the consultation with all the doctors Ian was overjoyed to be told he could fly back home that morning.
I would like to show my appreciation to all the medical staff for their professionalism, kindness and care they showed to Ian.

Billy Murray

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