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'Mama Mia -
It was a mixed bag of tricks in Turin.'


Ian Young lost his bid for Europeam gloryIt was mixed emotions in Turin at the weekend as two Ulstermen won and lost a European title on the same night.
Young the current British champion was on his way to pulling off the 'Italian Job' at the Palasport La cupole in front of the champions home supporters when suddenly Danilo Fanfano pulled off a kick that even Juventus would be proud of.
The referee, Deano didn't take time to do the mandatory count of ten as he called the medics to assist Young.
Young was soon on his feet applauding Danilo Fanfano as formalities of awarding trophies and belts took place. "I'm absolutely gutted" said Young on his return to Belfast. "The judges and fighters told me that I was well in front, I felt so comfortable in the fight and got careless for a split second and paid the penalty, but hey, I'm still learning in this game and the most important thing is it will make me stronger and I will fulfil my destiny in the sport of kickboxing." Young went on to say, "I don't remember anything about the kick. It's one of those things that you'd be really proud of if you done it yourself and I have to compliment Danilo it was a beautiful kick. After seeing it back on tape, he set me up beautifully. The first kick hit me hard on the leg and then with razor sharp speed and accuracy the next on my neck and my ambitions of European championship were just suspended for now."
Mark Hennessy that defended Ulsters honour for European glory by stopping the European super middleweight Stefano Deregibus in the third round It was Mark Hennessy that defended Ulsters honour for European glory by stopping the European super middleweight Stefano Deregibus in the third round. Hennessy started slow in the opening round taking some heavy punches and was two rounds down on a scheduled four rounder but out of nowhere he turned midway through the third by flooring local hero Deregibus to stay on the canvas for a count of ten.
"I'm over the moon." said the North Belfast law student. "I'm known as a slow starter and I was informed by my corner that I was two rounds down going into the third and not to forget where I was and what I was there for. Suddenly all the combinations and the hard work paid off as everything seemed to click into place and the champion was flat on his back and I was declared the new champion of Europe. It's been a great trip even though the disapointment we had for Ian, but Ian is a very talented individual and he'll bounce back from this hiccup no trouble. We really should have brought back home a double championship because Ian was a mile in front and the Italian was starting to whine and complain. He may think himself the lucky man. Anyway back to me, I'd like to thank the whole Prokick team for getting me to this point, I've had an amazing rollercoaster ride this year and I don't want it to stop."
It's been a busy year for the Prokick club. Eight home shows, ten away events and an event a month for the next generation of champions the Prokick kids. And a total of ten championship titles from Irish to World champions in the stable.

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