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'THE twelfth 'Prokick Says' fun day for kickboxing mad kids was concluded for 2006'


Group ye;llow - all the winners at the ProKick Says day!The twelfth and final instalment of ‘PROKICK SAYS’ children’s competition day was another resounding success at the Prokick Gym in Belfast this week.
Over 100 underage talents took part in the event aimed at improving fitness, discipline and co-ordination.
The fun day also gives young kickboxers an opportunity to experience competition using their martial art skills.
Prokick coach Billy Murray said: “Underage members are not allowed to compete in full-contact kickboxing until they are 15 years of age. So, from the age of six they are learning the art of kickboxing but not the application.
“I want to give the young members an opportunity to put their skills into practice, mixing competition with fun. The idea stems from a game we have played for many, many years at the gym, Prokick Says, our version of Simple Simon Says and who would believe that we’re on our twelfth kids competition!
Louis kicks outSophie sets the standard for the girlsSaskia kicks her way to victoryCoach Eddie Salmon helps out at ProKickFrazer wins
“We have rolled a number of games into one big occasion and the kids love it. Everyone was a winner and everyone went home with a medal. It’s important to us at Prokick Gym that children learn about self-discipline, self-defence and grow up in a respected and disciplined environment.”
Special guests of honour were the Northern Ireland’s kickboxing champions.
Action at ProKickBeginners  in Action Green belts with the instructorsBeginners in focus
"If all the champions thought they were there just to look good they had another thing coming, they were there on an official capacity and that was to judge the next generation of wannabe champions." said a Prokick spokes person.
Gary Longridge with Prokicks yellow beltsDecision time Decision time to see who will
The Prokick Says fun day took place once a month at Wilgar Street gym in east-Belfast and this was the conclusion to a years long event specially devised for the children. "We intend to continue with this event in 2007." Said Coach Murray, All our instructors have seen a massive improvement in all the children who take part in the monthly events I will bring in new sport test and fitness game for next year."
Beginners on top formYellow belters show just how it should be done!Green Belters
Results for - Shadow Boxing: is when you combine all the kickboxing moves that students have learnt are put together against an invisible opponent or (as they did many years ago) your own shadow.
Beginners - Carl Lamont
Yellow - Curtis Black
Orange - Saskia Connolly
Green - Frazer Audly
Blue belt and above - Abie Macartney and Louis Kincaid

Chelsea Leigh & Saskia win at the ProKick Says  eventAbie and Tory  in the FinalGroup of yellow belts show just how it should be done! - all winners
Next Saturday the 23rd December is the last class of the year for Prokick's kickboxing mad Kids - and there is a special visitor at the Prokick club every Christmas and has been for the last 15 years Santa, Murray may even invite Mr Claus to take part in the final ‘Prokick Says’ competition. And who knows Santa may even win a medal.

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