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“I’m a champion – get me in the ring”

“I’m a champion – get me in the ring” was what was heard when over 40 wannabees signed up for a three year plan. And of-course there were some old faces in the group as well.A new boot camp of budding kickboxing champions enlisted in a demanding three-year programme at Belfast’s Prokick Gym this week. In all, 40 fighters signed up to the dream of winning domestic honours and becoming world champions in a unique concept called ‘I’m a champion – Get Me In The Ring’.
From now until 2008, the chosen group will embark on a mission of fighting once a month in 2006, ending the year with shots at domestic titles.
In 2007 they will challenge for British and European titles and in 2008, world dominance is the aim.
Among the platoon that will be led by kickboxing legend Billy Murray, is former Linfield star Ian Young.
The two-time Irish Premier League title winner said: “It’s great to have a goal to aim for and I can see myself pushing hard for world title recognition in 2008, if not before.
“I have had the experience of fighting for a Celtic title and know what level of effort and dedication it takes. But to fight for a European or world title is a different challenge altogether. It will mean more sacrificing, more training and greater concentration on achieving the goal.
“It would be something special to have a major title sitting beside my Irish League medals at home.”
The brainchild behind ‘I’m a champion – Get Me In The Ring’, Billy Murray is confident the concept will provide more world champions from Northern Ireland.
“Some will not stay the pace and some will. Those who do will become champions, of that I’m sure,” said a confident Murray.
The former four-time world champion added: “This is a big commitment, especially for amateurs. But it will open the door to professionalism if that’s what they want. Ultimately, my fighters want to be champions and if they stick to the game-plan that’s exactly what they will be.”

For more info on events for ‘I’m a champion – Get Me In The Ring’ - contact 028 9065 1074 or check back again here at

If you are one of the budding kickboxing champions enlisted in the demanding three-year programme at Belfast’s Prokick Gym this week. Then please copy the following below and send it completed FAO Alex McGreevy or Billy Murray at Prokick press office

Or if you are from another kickboxing club but want to be a part of this programme then also fill this out this information sheet and send it back to us. “I’m a champion – get me in the ring”

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