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“ProKick helps to stick the boot in”


All the teamGlenavon manager Jimmy Brown hopes his team’s visit to a kickboxing club this week will lead to an improved level of discipline in his squad.
Brown was used to winning trophies and having the cream of Irish League talent at his disposal during an eight year spell as assistant manager at Glentoran.
He admits that he discovered a “different level of mentality and discipline” since becoming Glenavon boss and is keen to give his players an insight into how and why the likes of Glentoran and Linfield remain consistently successful in the game.
“There’s so much more to playing football in the Irish Premier League than training two nights a week and lasting 90 minutes on a Saturday,” said Brown.
“A different levels of the game there are different cultures of discipline and preparation. I want Glenavon players to live their lives in a way that will make them better on and off the pitch.
“The more disciplined and self-respecting they are, the better they will be as footballers.”
Brown took his Premier League newcomers to the famous Prokick Gym in east-Belfast where former four-time world champion Billy Murray tested their resolve.
Murray said: “At the start of the class there were a few jokes but when I told the players how things worked at the gym they were most respectful and responded brilliantly to the training.
“Jimmy (Brown) and I are on the same wavelength. We both want the best for our students and in return we expect the best from them. Competitive sport is so much more enjoyable when you are confident that what you do for yourself is geared toward making you better.
“With stronger individual and collective mentality, Glenavon will win trophies. Jimmy Brown is a winner, he showed that at Glentoran and he will bring out the best in Glenavon players – but they have to want to be the best.”
Brown expects to return to the Prokick Gym for further coaching under Murray and said his players appeared to enjoy the experience.
“Once the lads got an idea of why they were in a kickboxing gym they responded well. They all enjoyed it and we are looking forward to doing it again.”

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