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Frances Spence, ProKick's Million Dollar BabyIT’S the type of script one would expect to find on the desk of a Hollywood director but Prokick girl Frances Spence is living the life of a Million Dollar Baby.
The 29-year-old who has fought and beaten cancer, is now planning to get in to the ring and fight for a future in kickboxing, the sport she says has saved her life.
Frances has been dabbling in kickboxing for several years but had her ambitions stalled four year’s ago when it was discovered she had skin cancer.

Following several operations and a lengthy recovery period, Frances returned to training at the Prokick Gym in east-Belfast with the aim on making the grade as a competitive fighter.
But her new lease of life was short-lived when she began to suffer from severe abdomen pains. The result, a prolapsed womb, forced her to step out of the ring once more.
The operation needed to repair her womb failed and several weeks later she was back under the knife and facing yet another lengthy period of recovery.
“At times I wondered if I was going to be around, never mind get back into the ring,” she said.
“I suffered from depression because of the operations and the time I was holed up at home and unable to do anything. The one thing that kept me going was the belief my coach, Billy Murray, had in me. He kept on telling me I would make it through the pain and fight again.”
For Frances. She was hoping to land a fight return at the Ulster Hall on Billy Murray’s annual Kickmas Box show last month (December 19). Unfortunately that was not to be, so she wants to focus on the bill in 2006.
Fran in a Demo bout at the Lady KillersAction at the Ulster Hall ( Fran Kicks OUTWinner That's my girl - Galway eventFrances teaching at the ProKick ym
“I need to get the gloves back on a get into action again,” she added.
“There’s nothing like trading punches and kicks and the atmosphere around the ring. I felt like a champion before I became ill and I want that feeling back.
“Every now and then I feel down because of the on-going treatment and trips to the hospital but I am determined not to let anything beat me, not even my next opponent.”
Billy Murray with Fran at the Marvin Hagler Dinner showBilly Murray, a former world champion on four occasions, is amazed at Fran with Hollywood actor Shane Brolley, star of the Vamp cult movie 'UnderWorld'Frances’ determination.
“To reach the top it takes the greatest dedication any one person can give. I have had to give up a lot of things to become a world champion but in hindsight it seems like small sacrifices compared to Frances Spence’s desire to compete again.
“She is an amazing character, absolutely dedicated to the sport and to her ambition.
“She is in the gym everyday, helping out, cleaning, office work and has even helped me on the promotion of the KICKmas BOX show. She was a great help to me and part of the success from KICKmas is due to her hard work, she is truly a world champion in my eyes.”
Frances is also hoping to one day earn a living from her sport as an instructor.

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