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Young Abie Macartney struck back with a vengeance by being crowned overall champion of the ProKick Funday June 30.AFTER getting held-back by her kickboxing club because she was too successful, young Abie Macartney struck back with a vengeance by being crowned overall champion of the ProKick Funday June 30.
The east Belfast school-girl had excelled so much at the monthly event that she had to step aside in May to allow the others to have a chance of winning. But last weekend she showed why she is being tipped as a name for the future, by triumphing again.
And as an added bonus, the 10 year old was presented with her awards by newly crowned Celtic kickboxing champion Ian Young. The former Linfield footballer took the Light Welterweight title in front of a packed Park Avenue Hotel just over a week ago.
“This is brilliant for the kids as everyone is a winner and everyone goes home with a medal after the ProKick funday,” he said. “It’s important to everyone at Prokick Gym that children learn about self-discipline and self-defense and grow up in a respectful and disciplined environment. The gym’s motto is Truth, Discipline and Respect – that is topped off with great fun for the kids. And Abie is a great little talent lighting the way for everyone!”
The sixth monthly event took place at the ProKick HQ in Belfast and was the biggest and best so far. There were 35 kids in the gym, from ages 6-12, for a series of fun games that allowed them to put some of the kickboxing skills they have learned into practice.
“They can’t compete until they are 15 and this non-contact series of tests allows them to see the steps they are making in class,” said head coach Billy Murray. “It’s also great for me to see that there is a very real future for the sport amongst dozens of bright, keen and able kids.
“We’re going to keep these going and I’d like to invite any parents who want to see how their kids can have fun in a great, safe environment to come along.”

Abi's younger sister Laura (7) wants to be the best too, just like her older sister Abi who is 10 years old.
Follow, Follow is a racing fitness game. The children are seated in lines, Mr Murray calls out someone’s name and all the children follow that person until they’re told to go back to their lines and the last one to sit down in their original place is out.
Winner -Laura Macartney

Multiple Kicks: Whoever can kick the longest without setting their foot back on the ground wins.
Winner - Abi Macartney

Race Winners - Alan Titmus & Abi Macartney

This is to have the Prokick kids have fun through games - at the same time introduce them to friendly competition by racing against each other and as a team.
Winner - Alan Titmus & Abi Macartney

The overall winner of June's Kids event, winner of three separate events was - Abi Macartney

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