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'It was a Home coming for Swiss legend - Cary Emery '

Mr Carl Emery whilst attending a Garden party in Dublin that President Mary McAleese held in the Aras an Uachtarain Just recently the WKN Board of Directors were pleased to announce a new addition to the WKN Fighters' Hall of Fame. Carl Emery (Geneva, Switzerland) who was voted Martial Artists of the Year.

As Belfast fight fans know, Mr Emery has been traveling to his second home in Belfast for many years. He attends most of his close friends events at ProKick by bringing Swiss and other European fighters which he has done for the last 15 years - amidst the hussel and bussel of his busy life style when travelling, he doesn't normally have time to relax, by-way-of training or even get the chance to pass on some of his knowledge that has made him an undefeated warrior as a Full-Contact fighter.

In Brief:
Carl Emery retired as an undefeated kickboxing fighter after 48 fights, 48wins, and 30 of them by way of KO - He was European Champion 1993 & 1994 and World Champion 1994. However he is still active in Sport Ju-Jitsu and Submission Fighting (mixed martial arts). In England last February Carl won his 14th tournament and has not been beaten in Sport Ju-Jitsu after 72 consecutive fights.

This time the Swiss sports personality, Emery, had some Quality Time to enjoy his sport with close friends and colleagues .

Here are a selection of pictures of his recent visit to the Emerald Isle while guest of the President of Ireland Mrs Mary McAleese - The Garden party was held in the Aras an Uachtarain in Dublin on the 12th July: See More on the Dublin party

Carl Emery with the President Mary McAleese
Ian , Adele and Carl in DublinIt is a MAN bag like Billy Murray's - it is Not a Hand Bag!Carl Emery with the Belfast Lord  Mayor and pictured is Ken HoranIan Young GunPresident Mary McAleese

Carl pictured here passing on his experience to his adopted family at proKick.

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