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A tired looking not so Young  Ian!“Who Killed Bill...And Ian Not So Young?”

The last day of week one of 'Billy's Boot Camp' a ProKick early morning Red eye training that helps avoid black eyes in the ring.
Yesterday ProKick News brought you an exclusive with - Andrew - snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug < click here for story.

Today we have an even bigger story - yesterday, 'Ian not so young' led a rebellion against Andrew Grimason just because he was a couple of minutes late for training.
Well, talk about egg on your face Mr Young!
Mark Hennessy a British title contender had this to say: Has anyone seen Bill Henry, Gary fullerton says "I thought the guy was a fitness fanatic, maybe he should stick to box aerobics"
Eddie Salmon and Gary Lingridge think that Bill is in hiding "I didn't like the way Ian and that other Kung Fu guy, Bill, insisted we go round and wake Andy up! Bullying tactics if you ask me. The pair of them are always complaining they work long hours, Well Guys hello, welcome to the real world."
"There is something fishy about the whole thing" said top N,Ards coach Eddie Salmon, "I think its attention Ian is looking for, that's what happens in football, and for Ian's side kick it was our Prokick Red eye training that KILLED Bill.
The Prokick team called at Ian's penthouse apartment and as we all could see, the lights were on but no one was home!
When Andrew Grimason was asked about Bill & Ben, I mean Ian, He declined to comment.


Ireland's worst MC Stephen 'Ladies & Gentlemen' Weatherup was nowhere to be heard - that was a good thing!

Two days and no sight of BIG Steve Allen , that's another story for another time.

Honours go to:
Team captain, Veteran 63 year-old Mr Macartney (Who by-the-way is always first at the gym every morning at 5.45 except today, Andrew was waiting on the whole team. Well done Andy!

By-the-Way- where is Gary Hamilton and Lydia Branniff?

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