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'The Oldest Kicker in town'


Pictured here are the only group who could keep up with Super granda DesieDesi Macartney, the oldest member of ProKick, led the final day of bootcamp around Belfast on Wednesday (June 21).
The longest day of the year dawned early for the 58 year old veteran as he was handed the reigns of the punishing three-mile run by head coach Billy Murray. He put the rest of the ProKick early risers through their paces during the demanding 6.30am run – and then heaped on the misery pushing them to the limits in a tough series of gym exercises.
“Desi has not missed a day ( some would refute that) of this training over the last three weeks,” said Murray. “The others were constantly taking the mick about him being close to his FREE bus-pass, so I thought it was a good time for him to get his own back. He pushed the crew to the limits during the run – then pushed them even harder when we got back to gym for circuit training. By the end of it, no-one was making any jokes. That said, I’m not sure how Desi was feeling afterwards. He had a point to prove, but he did seem to be aching an creaking a bit more than usual.”
The current Boot-camp was in place to get fighters ready for Saturday’s kickboxing event at the Park Avenue Hotel. It will return in a few weeks as Murray gets another set of fighters ready for the next event.
For further information and tickets and tickets to whatch some of the team in action, contact the ProKick hotline on 028 9065 1074.

Colin Malcom - yellow belt - your are named and Shamed! Daryl Campbell  yellow belt - you are named and Shamed
Named and shamed - two late comers for the boot camp - both Daryl and Colin tried to slide in to the gym under cover when the team were out running - Desi made them do 5 laps, Mr Murray said the leadership of running the boot camp for one day has went to Desi's head...sorry guys!

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