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'The easiest day yet at boot camp!'


A Surprised Team are treated to breakfast by Gary Longridge - he said its nothing to do with my next grading coming upUp 'n' coming ProKick coach Gary Longridge - Took the reigns this morning (Thursday June 22) for the final day of 'Billy's boot Camp' Gary was annoyed that old-timer Mccartney was getting all the limelight and the attention just because he is 64 and can run a couple of mile.
Yesterday, Desi who is the oldest member at ProKick, led what he thought was the final day of ‘bootcamp’ around Belfast on Wednesday (June 21).
The longest day of the year dawned early for the 62 year old veteran (Not 64 as stated) as he was handed the reigns yesterday of the punishing three-mile run by head coach Billy Murray.
Surprised Team: Gary had secretly booked the Park Ave hotel for a private breakfast to celebrate the great success of the 'Boot camp' - he said, “where have all the fighters gone – the Golden boys Bill and Ben? The Old-timer and me burnt them all out! Our group are the real magnificent seven, six here pictured and some beginner behind the camera. I just wanted to do my bit, not to go one better then Desi, as some people think. I can't wait until the next Boot camp - Bring it on!”

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