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Information for the -
Park Ave Hotel June 24

Dear Fighter/ trainers/ managers -

Here is some useful information for the Double whammy event this Saturday June 24 at the Park Ave Hotel – that hopefully helps make the event run smoothly for us all..

All fighters must have a doctors line from their own GP stating that you are fit to fight in a full-contact sport.
All fighters under the age of 18 must also have a signed consent note from your parent/guardian permitting you to compete.
All fighters must have a WKN licence and their insurance up to date.

Please ensure that you bring the following equipment with you on the day of the event:
Groin guard
Gum shield
Shin guards
Kick boots - or all in one shin and boot
Gloves will be supplied on the day to ensure that both competitors wear the same size and make.
If you have any problems obtaining any of the above, there will be a Prokick stall on the day, were you can purchase all these items.
All Prokick fighters must wear their Prokick tracksuits, and Prokick trousers.

Events helpers and ring builders:
If you are helping to build the ring please be at the Park Ave on Thursday night 22nd June. The more people there to help, the quicker it will get done. This will take approx 1-2 hours – fighters competing on the event are most welcome to help out.
The dismantle of the ring - fighters and helpers please be at the Park Ave Sunday 5.30pm again less than an hours work.
We also need people to help with the collections of all our guests coming in – please speak with Josephine or Fran to see what pick-up’s and returns you can do.

Times for both events :-

Day show:
Weigh-ins and pre fight medicals will ALL commence at 11am. Rules meeting shortly after.
Doors open to the public at 1pm first fight is at 1.30pm.
All fighters need to be in their changing room at 1pm ready to go
The show should be over by 3.30- 4pm.

Night show:
Doors open to public at 6.45pm first fight is at 7.30pm
All fighters must be ready in their changing rooms at 7pm sharp
The show should be over by 10 to 10.30pm.

I hope you all have a great day at the Park Ave Hotel.

Yours in Sport

Billy Murray


'It’s going to be a gladiatorial clash
of the newest fighters around and all the greats'.


t: 00 44 (0)28 9065 1074

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