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'Boot camp builds new City Icons'

If you thought top class professional footballers readying themselves for the World Cup had a tough training regime, spare a thought for some amateur Belfast kickboxers.

THEY SAYa picture can tell a thousand words – well, here is one that sums up a city.THEY SAYa picture can tell a thousand words – well, here is one that sums up a city.
It’s my dedicated team of fighters who have been pounding the streets of Belfast at 6.30am every day as part of Billy’s Boot Camp. That’s apart from their regular evening training! When they get into the ring on June 24, they are going to be fitter than any pro athletes. Add that fitness to their dedication and growing ability and you have a deadly mix.
And while they can’t take in the glorious early morning views of Belfast, you can. So have a look again at the H&W cranes – icons of old Belfast – framing these tough, great men – the icons of a new Belfast.
We’ll post more views of the lads running through the city in the coming days and weeks right here on

This is part of the 'Wide Awake Club' - half six in the bright open air, this is the type of thing that needs to be done if you want to become a champion!....Would you be prepared to do it?
Here's part of the wide awake club - half six in the morning, this is the tpye of thing that is needed if you want to be a  champion ....Would you be prepared to do it? bag work it the early hours of the morning Its Grim hard at work

For further details and tickets to whatch some of the team in action, contact the ProKick hotline on 028 9065 1074.

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