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“Two Shows in one Day”

World champions Andrew Grimason,Gary Hamilton and Lydia Braniff will be on the card for the June 24 show which is part of the ProKick Gym’s ‘I’m A Champion – Get Me In The Ring’ series. The morning and early afternoon will see at least 12 novice fights and the evening event will present eight title fights – ranging from national to International belts.
The ‘I’m A Champion....’ series was created by kickboxing veteran Billy Murray earlier this year. A boot camp of budding kickboxing champions enlisted in a demanding three-year programme at his Prokick Gym. In all, 40 fighters signed up to the dream of winning domestic honours and becoming world champions. Until 2008, the chosen group will embark on a mission of fighting once a month in 2006, ending the year with shots at domestic titles.
In 2007 they will challenge for British and European titles and in 2008, world dominance is the aim.
“Some of the fighters who signed up to the programme will be fighting for the first time and others will be heading for regional belts,” Murray explained. “They’ll be amongst some amazing champions who are at the peak of their powers and it’ll be carrot to keep them all going. They are all undergoing a tough regime trying to become world champs and I’m glad to say we’re on track for our remarkable goal.”
Murray added that a full-list of fighters for the day of high-octane action would be released next week.
For further information on tickets, drop us an emial or call the ProkIck hotline on 028 9065 1074.

Here is the night show fight card to date - more to follow as we confirm:

Some of the main fighters for the day and night show

Start here with the first working down to the last

WKN British Bantamweight title 7x2
Alexander White ( Scotland Champion) Vs Aubrey Tarr (Belfast)
Sponsored by quick copy

WKN British Super Heavyweight title 4x2
Martin Connolly (Carrickfergus) Vs Steve Bonner (Aberdeen - Champion)
Sozo good Casual cuisine and Monkstown social Club

WKN British
light-Welterweight match 4x2
Stuart Jess (Dromore-NI) Vs Barinder Singh (English - Champion)
Sponsored by Ralph Jess, Railway Auto Repairs

WKN British Super-Cruiserweight 4x2
Peter Rusk (Carrickfergus Champion) Vs Darren Thompson (Aberdeen)
Sponsored by Prokick Gym

British WKN Middleweight Low leg kick title 4x2
Mark Hennessy (Belfast) Vs Jackie Byrnie (Scotland)
Sponsored by Prokick

WKN Celtic Super-Welterweight title 4x2
Ian Young (Belfast) Vs Steve Peatrie (Dundee champion)
Sponsored by The Pothouse, Belfast

WKN Prestige Light-Middleweight Full-Contact 4x2
Andrew Grimason Belfast Vs Alan Thomas (Aberdeen)
WKN World Am champion

Fighters for the afternoon show:

Start here with the first working down to the last

Super Welterweight bout 3x2
Gary Fullerton (Belfast Vs Vs Stuart Cullvile ( Motherwell)
Sponsored by, Martin Smyth, Spar Clarawood

Super Welterweight bout 3x2
Billy Stevenson (Aberdeen) Vs John Miskelly (Belfast - Steelheels)

Light Middleweight 2x2
Glen Ross (Comber) Vs Ronan McGragh (Dublin)
Sponsored by Friends & Family

Heavyweight bout 2x2
Gary Jess (Dromore) Vs David Ford (Motherwell)

Bantamweight Junior bout 2x2
Joshua Ferry (Dungannon) Vs Warren Betts (Dublin)

Bantamweight bout 2x2
Alana Carson (Belfast) Vs Nicola Craigie (Fraserburgh)
Sponsored by Friends & Family

Demo Mania with novice to world champions

Demo bouts
Lydia Braniff (Belfast ) Vs Adele Stienbach (Aberdeen)
Lydia Braniff (Belfast) WKN World Am champion VS Barbara 'TheOne' Delaney (Dublin)
Adele Stienbach (Aberdeen) Vs Barbara 'TheOne' Delaney (Dublin)
Tony and Joel Amos (Belfast) Vs Kyle Foster (Dungannon)
Darren Dougan (Loup) Vs Ken Horan ( Galway)
Rene Le Cuirot (Belfast) and Gary Hamilton (Belfast)

Welterweight bout 3x2
Scott Jess (Dromore) Vs Lee copper ( Motherwell)

Super Heavyweight 2x2
Steven Allen (Belfast Vs Jim McLoughlin ( The Loup)
Sponsored by Simon Kerr, The Mortgage Group

Middleweight bout 3x2
Bill Henry (Belfast) Vs Ewan Zhu (Belfast - Steelheels)

Super Heavyweight bout 3x2
James Gillen (Portadown ) Vs Tomachek (Polland)



Ross Jess (Dromore) Vs Dundee Fighter TBA

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