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'PART ONE – The Day show -
Report from the Park Ave Double Whammy '

PART ONE – The Day show

The world may be football-mad at the moment – but last Saturday (June 24) a corner of Belfast was obsessed with a different sort of kicking.
A unique double whammy kickboxing show took place at the Park Avenue Hotel in the city – The event seen a matinee show running from 1pm to 3.30pm featuring first timers and novices and then an evening series of bouts which ran from 7.30 – 10pm. The evening seen three British titles and Celtic titles at weights from lightweight to heavyweight.

The day got of to a flying start with two debutants in the welterweight division


Super welterweight bout 2x2 Sponsored by Glen Ross’ Friends and Family
Glen Ross Winner Points (comber) Vs Ronan McGragh (Dublin)
A young Comber kickboxer took his first steps towards major glory with a close win in Belfast at the weekend.
Glen Ross took on and beat Dublin’s Ronan McGrath at the Next Generation event at Park Avenue Hotel in emphatic fashion.
He landed a points decision in his super welterweight clash, but was not that comfortable in the win, Glen was ahead in round one putting McGragh under a lot of pressure. But it was time to even the score thought McGragh. The second round saw the Dublin push the Comber fighter to the wire – At the final bell it was Ross’s first victory and a hard fought one at that. Some ringsiders thought a draw would have been better as neither boy deserved to loose. This one will make a good rematch in the future!
Face-face All actionTeam work makes a winnerAnd the winner is Glen Ross

Bantamweight Junior bout 2x2 Sponsored By Ross Jess Friends and Family
Ross Jess (Dromore) Winner Vs Joshua Ferry (Dungannon)
Ross Jess (Dromore) Winner Vs Joshua Ferry (Dungannon)

Bantamweight Junior bout 2x2
Stewart Ferry (Dungannon) Vs Warren Betts (Dublin) Winner

young Kyle Foster, taking part in a demoKickboxing in Tyrone is on the up and looking good for the future – that’s the belief of one of the most experienced men in the sport after watching some of the county’s young kickboxers in action at the weekend.
Brothers Stewart and Joshua Ferry, as well as young Kyle Foster, made their competitive debuts at an action-packed event in Belfast on Saturday. Murray said, “Making that commitment to step from a training gym into the ring takes guts like you wouldn’t believe. It’s a daunting environment under the lights, in front of hundreds of pairs of eyes with noise building all around. “Stewart and Joshua gave brilliant accounts of themselves. They might not have got the result they would have hoped for, but it was an essential learning time. They know what they can and can’t do and what to prepare for the next time. And young Kyle Foster, taking part in a demo bout, really impressed me. He is a clever fighter with quick hands. If these three are representative of what is west of the Bann, then kickboxing in that part of the country is going to soar.”

Super Middleweight Celtic title eliminator
Shane Loughlin (Dublin) Winner 2nd RSF (Dublin) Vs Billy Stevenson (Fraserburgh)
It was an all Celt affair for a final eliminator for the Celtic Nation WKN super middle weight title. The winner Shane Loughlin will now face The Loup’s Darren Dougan in his title defence for the crown. A venue has yet to be named.

Super Heavyweight 2x2 Sponsored by Simon Kerr. "The Morgage Group"
Steven Allen Winner (Belfast Vs Jim McLoughlin ( The Loup)
Popular Shankill-based super heavyweight kickboxer Steve Allen was not thinking about second place after demolished his opponent on Saturday.
The big man, who coaches ProKick’s kickboxing class at the Shankill Leisure, stopped Magherafelt’s Jim McLoughlin in the first round of their contest at Belfast’s Park Avenue Hotel. He found amazing dexterity to add to his power and bamboozled his opponent with some incredible head and body combinations before the ref jumped in with just over a minute gone in the first round.
“He was amazingly fast,” said Murray. “In this division, you expect pure brute strength in a first time fighter to be the deciding factor. Steve has plenty of that but he can also get around the ring like someone a few weight divisions lighter. Jim McLoughlin is a veteran with a lot of experience, but he looked shell-shocked coming out the ring. I don’t think Jim was expecting that type of start from Steve.”
Steve and Andrew after the winSteven Allen Winner and the winner is ...Steven Allen
Demo bouts
Tony and Joel Amos (Belfast ) Vs Kyle Foster (Dungannon)
Underage members are not sanctioned to compete in full-contact kickboxing until they are 15 years of age. 12 year old twins Joel and Tony are very eager to compete and got in the ring for a demonstration bout with Dungannon’s Kyle Foster who showed nice kicking style. They are clever fighters with quick hands demonstrating some excellent skills. Thy are certainly young fighters to look out for in the future

Gary Jess Vs Rene Le Cuirot Gary Jess Vs Rene Le Cuirot
When South Belfast man Rene Le Cuirot and Saintfield’s Gary Jess’ opponents failed their medicals the two faced each other in a two round demonstration bout. The two big men showed good skills, the pair can’t wait to get in the ring for real next time.

Bantamweight bout 3x2 Sponsored by Friends & Family
Alana Carson (Belfast) Vs Nicola Craigie (Fraserburgh) DrawAlana Carson (Belfast) Vs Nicola Craigie (Fraserburgh) Draw
Andersonstown Road girl, Alana Carson had her second outing as a kickboxer, the light welterweight was up against Scotland's Nicola Craigie in a scheduled three round full-contact match. The West Belfast 'whirlwind' was forced to share the spoils of victory as all three judges called it a draw.
Now Carson is set to travel the world in search of lessons from the oriental masters of the martial arts.
The 19-year-old will embark on a journey to Thailand for a month of intensive training and aims to return home "a new woman and a better fighter".
An event security guard, who has put in extra hours in order to fund her daunting trip, is determined to one day rule the kickboxing world.
"I don’t know of many 19-year-olds who go to Thailand alone to concentrate on fighting," She said. "Hopefully I’ll be in a good position to advise others someday. I want to show my coach, Mr Murray, how determined I am to improve and to become the best female fighters ever to come out of Ireland."
just for Kicks Hard left landsanother left jab lands all three judges called it a draw.

Super Welterweight bout 3x2 Sponsored by, Martin Smyth, Spar Clarawood
Super Welterweight bout 3x2 Sponsored by, Martin Smyth, Spar ClarawoodGary Fullerton (Belfast Vs Stuart Cullvile ( Motherwell)Winner
ProKick’s Gary Fullerton lost his second bout at the weekend. For whatever the reason Fullerton didn’t turn up to the office of work. In fairness he has been down with the flue the week before the event – not making excuses, Stuart Cullvile was very good on the day and looks a good prospect for the future.

Middleweight bout 3x2
Bill Henry Winner (Belfast) Vs Ewan Zhu (Belfast - Steelheels) Bill Henry Winner (Belfast) Vs Ewan Zhu (Belfast - Steelheels)
Bill Henry’s opponent Ewan Zhu ring entrance was a spectacular one with high flying, jumping kicks. And it was much of the same as the bout got under way - Ewan used his superior kicking skills to keep Bill at bay. It took Bill nearly a full round to get inside Ewan’s legs to unload his fast hand techniques. Round two was as if Bill was an Exocet Missile - ‘seek and destroy’ The referee had no option but to call a halt to the fight half way into the second round. This was a very classy first time fight for both boys. Well done Bill and Ewan – lets hope we see more from these two in the future.
just missedone eachWell done Bill  – lets hope we see more of you in the future.

Super Heavyweight bout 3x2
I will be No.1 one in Ireland James Gillen Winner (Portadown ) Vs Tomachek (Polland)
A Portadown-based super Heavyweight kickboxer is gearing up for a British title shot after a stunning win at the weekend in Belfast.
James Gillen who teaches the ProKick Kickboxing class in Fall’s & Lisburn Leisure Centre, took less than one round to polish off Polish opponent Tomachek at the Park Avenue Hotel.
It took James no time to find the form that he once had when he lifted the Irish title. This was his second fight back in eight weeks with both of them resulting in first round stoppages. This is a clear message he is sending out to all heavy weights across Ireland that big James is back and he means business. Gillen said. “He had a fearsome reputation as a terrier-like fighter. But I didn’t let him get started. I went for him right from the first bell and he simply couldn’t handle the pressure, I was so relieved with the ref said THAT’S IT! .”
James Gillen  lands a hard kickTomachek hits homeRef Carl Emery stops the fightHe had a fearsome reputation as a fight, I was worried - but for nothing though I respect him

And that is it for another event - we had a great afternoon of action with lots of good first time fighters stepping in the ring for their first bouts – we had knockouts and of course lots of surprises on the day.
Thanks to all the clubs who supported both events – a big up - to our loyal fight fans, the sponsors, the Park Ave and not forgetting my team who work very hard to make the day and the night event happen, without them events like these may not even take place!

I thank you all

Billy Murray

'It was a gladiatorial clash
of the newest fighters around and all the greats'.


t: 00 44 (0)28 9065 1074

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