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'It was a gladiatorial clash
of the newest fighters around and all the greats'.

some of the ProKick fighters  who are on the Park Ave fight cards on SaturdayFight fans in Northern Ireland – were not disappointed by the first part of a unique kickboxing event in Belfast today (Saturday 24th) .
The Morning show which was part one of a double whammy show took place at the Park Avenue

Here's the results in brief:

Fighters for the afternoon show:

Welterweight bout 3x2
Scott Jess (Dromore) Winner 2nd TKO Vs Lee cooper ( Motherwell)

Super welterweight bout 2x2 Sponsored by Glen Ross’ Friends and Family
Glen Ross Winner Points (comber) Vs Ronan McGragh (Dublin)

Bantamweight Junior bout 2x2
Stewart Ferry (Dungannon) Vs Warren Betts (Dublin) Winner 2nd TKO

Super Middleweight Celtic title eliminator
Shane Loughlin Winner 2nd RSF (Dublin) Vs Billy Stevenson (Fraserburgh)

Bantamweight Junior bout 2x2 Sponsored By Ross Jess Friends and Family
Ross Jess (Dromore) Winner 1st TKO Vs Joshua Ferry (Dungannon)

Super Heavyweight 2x2 Sponsored by Simon Kerr. "The Morgage Group"
Steven Allen Winner 1st TKO(Belfast Vs Jim McLoughlin ( The Loup)

Demo bouts
Tony and Joel Amos (Belfast ) Vs Vs Kyle Foster (Dungannon)
Gary Jess Vs Rene Le Cuirot

Bantamweight bout 3x2 Sponsored by Friends & Family
Alana Carson (Belfast) Vs Nicola Craigie (Fraserburgh) Draw

Super Welterweight bout 3x2 Sponsored by, Martin Smyth, Spar Clarawood
Gary Fullerton (Belfast Vs Stuart Cullvile ( Motherwell)Winner 3rd RSF

Middleweight bout 3x2
Bill Henry Winner 2nd TKO (Belfast) Vs Ewan Zhu (Belfast - Steelheels)

Super Heavyweight bout 3x2
James Gillen Winner 1st TKO(Portadown ) Vs Tomachek (Polland)


'It was a gladiatorial clash
of the newest fighters around and all the greats'.


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