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'It was a gladiatorial clash
of the newest fighters around and all the greats'.

some of the ProKick fighters  who are on the Park Ave fight cards on SaturdayFight fans in Northern Ireland – were not disappointed by the second part of a unique kickboxing event in Belfast today (Saturday 24th) .
The Evening show which was part two of the double whammy show that took place at the Park Avenue

Here's the results in brief:



WKN British light-Welterweight match 4x2
Stuart Jess (Dromore-NI) Winner on points Vs Barinder Singh (English - Champion)

WKN British Super-Cruiserweight 4x2 -
Peter Rusk (Carrickfergus Champion) Vs David Ford Winner 4th round (Scotland )

British WKN Middleweight Low leg kick title 4x2
Mark Hennessy (Belfast) Winner 2nd round KKO Vs Jackie Byrnie (Scotland)

WKN Celtic Super-Welterweight title 4x2
Ian Young (Belfast) Winner on points Vs Steve Peatrie (Dundee champion)

WKN Prestige Light-Middleweight Full-Contact 4x2
Andrew Grimason (Belfast) Winner points Vs Alan Thomas (Aberdeen)

WKN British Bantamweight title 7x2
Alexander White Vs Aubrey Tarr (Belfast) (Champion)
Alexander failed to make the weight and was stripped of the title, Tarr is now the intrim British champion however his first defence will have to be against White.

WKN British Super Heavyweight title 4x2
Martin Connolly (Carrickfergus) Vs Steve Bonner (Aberdeen - Champion)
Connolly failed medical
This was to be a British title defence for the Aberdeen fighter. Unfortunately the Prokick fighter Martin Connolly failed the pre fight medical.

The WKN have asked all regional promoters to intensify the pre fight medical to bring them to the highest standard is safety for the fighters is paramount.
One other fighter on the day show who also failed the pre fight medical in a non title bout - John Miskelly from Steel Heels


'It was a gladiatorial clash
of the newest fighters around and all the greats'.


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