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“Andrew - snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug...,
There's no escape!”

A top fight who wants to remain anonymous said: "He thought he saw Andy peeping through the blinds". This was an unconfirmed sighting. Five days into 'Billy's Boot Camp' a Red eyed early morning training session at ProKick. Sorry, it should read 'Red Faced Day' as the shocker of the week came when Amateur world champion Andrew Grimason didn't turn up for the 6.30am morning run.
Andrew opted for the easy option - staying between the sheets in his warm bed....Well that's what he thought as he felt all snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug in never never land!

Jealous Teams mates led by title contender Ian Young along with one of Ireland's top MC's Stephen 'Ladies & Gentlemen' Weatherup, BOTH decided that the whole team would embarrass Andrew by rapping him up and conducting a training session on his door step. Unfortunately, there were no signs of life at the Grimason household even though the lights were on, no one seemed home, however a top fighter who wants to remain anonymous said: "I thought I saw Andy peeping through the blinds". This was an unconfirmed sighting.
Meanwhile back at the gym the Whole squad (expect BIG Steve, that's another story!) were in the middle of a circuit after their longest run of the week - a 10 miler.
The 'Grim-Creeper' slipped into the gym. Team captain, Veteran 63 year-old Mr Macartney (Who by-the-way is always first at the gym every morning at 5.45) took it upon himself to send the 21 year-old Grimason on his own run. Mr Desi Macartney said, "We all would like to sleep on in the morning but in fairness to Andrew who is normally here on time, he must understand that to get to the top and stay there - fighters must go that extra mile and moreover there is no 'i' in TEAM!" He went on to say, " I'll 'Name and Shame' any of the fighters that say they will be there and don't turn up".

Last run of the week is the same time tomorrow Saturday June 3rd...
All Prokick fighter are expected to attend tomorrow, however, if any of the fighters who have not missed any days this week, you all can have Saturday morning off!
Any other ProKickies up for a challenge on Saturday morning club?

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