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“Kickboxing in Co Tyrone is on the way back”


William Ferry,  had a driving element within the sport in Tyrone during the late 80's to early 90s.  here pictured with Billy Murray at the ProKick gymKickboxing in County Tyrone is on the way back – thanks to the dedication of a veteran of the sport. William Ferry, a former British kickboxing champion, had a driving element within the sport in Tyrone during the late 80's to early 90s.
He and former world champion Billy Murray had brought kickboxing to Dungannon and established a club in the area. However, Murray then had to focus on his own fighting career as he moved to Switzerland and a young family meant Ferry was unable to devote the time needed to build a growing club.
But, the two men met again recently and decided that the time was right for Kickboxing to rise again.
“Two things have encouraged Ferry to return,” said Murray. “He has recently been coaching a class of underprivileged kids in the Dungannon area and seeing how kickboxing can inspire self-confidence and self-respect, he felt there was a future for kickboxing. He also has three young sons who are showing interest and he wants to coach them properly in the art of kickboxing.
He added: “I’m truly glad that we have the opportunity to bring kickboxing back west of the Bann. William is the man on the ground there. He tells me the time is right. I wouldn’t attempt to re-establish a foothold for kickboxing with anyone but William Ferry. He loves kickboxing and wants to use it as a Force for good. Kickboxing is not just about two competitors meeting in the ring. It’s also about fitness, respect and self-discipline. We’ve established links in Belfast with the City Council and the Northern Ireland Events Company. These things don’t come to any fly-by-night operation. We’ve learnt a lot in the last number of years and I want to take all this experience down to Tyrone and add it to what William knows.”
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