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“Bash 'n' Mash ”

FORMER football star Ian Young topped his first fight card in front of his Irish league former team mates. Younger, as he is known by his team mates, squared up against tough Portuguese Fernando Martins last night at the Billy Murray Bash 'n' Mash at the Hilton hotel. A packed house cheered on the former Irish league star to a second round TKO. This was Young's fifth outing as a kickboxer, and he can't wait for the next one, "I trained very hard for the fight and I was looking to put in a really good performance for all my old team mates that turned out tonight, I was a bit confused when the referee walked over and raised my arm, I thought I was just getting into the fight and didn't want it to end, it is such an adrenaline rush when you actually compete on your own without the support of ten others, can't wait until the next one."

Gary hits home with a victory on pointsGary Hamilton was back on form after getting the nod from all three judges. the Belfast World champion weighted in at 63 kilo where his opponent, another Belfast man, Aubrey Tarr weighed in at 62.5kg Gary showed why he is featherweight world champion exhibiting some great skills over four rounds however, credit must be given to the North Belfast man Tarr when he stood up to the line and took the fight at short notice what Tarr lacked in skill he made up in brawn taking some of Hamilton's best kicks and punches and shrugging it off with smiles and taunts. This would make a tremendous domestic rematch over a longer duration so both boxers could test each other. There was a scary moment for Tarr as the doctor was called to ringside mid way through the second for a nasty swelling on Tarr's right eye, the doctor decided that the fight could continue and it was left up to the judges at ringside. There was only one winner and that was the Belfast boy Gary Hamilton.

Belfast Thai fighter Mark Hennessy scraped a narrow victory over Swiss fighter Mickael Magliano some ringsiders thought that Mark would of edged a draw over the experienced Mickael Magliano but the team was pleased when he got the nod from two judges with one splitting to the Swiss fighter,this was a very close fight, tit for tat, Mark being the better on the boxing and Mickael being that bit sharper with the low kick. Both kickers put on a fantastic display of Thai style fighting.
Other big names on the card were Lydia Braniff and Barbara Delaney put on a dazzling display making a statement that anything the men can do the girls can do better of what two woman can do in a ring.

Craig Challis was unlucky after sustaining a cut after and accidental head clash in his first fight with Kilkenny's hard man Peter Murphy. The match was ruled a non contest. This would be a good match for the future as it was shaping up to be an exciting bout.

Ross Jess met Stevie Quinn from Kilkenny, the two boxers gave it their all over two rounds and the judges couldn't split them, both boys went home happy that they didn't lose.

Belfast's Adrian Clarke also settled with a draw against Magherafelt's Aiden Smith. This was a tough fight from the first bell, ringsiders thought that Clarke done enough to win but the judges didn't see it that way. Well done to both fighters.

Thanks for everyone that took part from the Prokick kids to all our kickboxers that unfortunately didn't get a fight but at least got into the ring to let some steam off. Big thanks our new referee Mark Irvine and our experienced Ref and coach Tommy Quinn from Kilkenny and our foreign visitors Mickael Magliano from Switzerland and Fernando Martins from Portugal - The Hilton hotel and you the fight fans. Till we do it again keep your hands up and your chin down.

Billy Murray

Results in brief

Bout No.1
Ross Jess (Dromore) v Steven Quinn (Kilkenny)

Bout No.2
Brain Hannaway (Newry ) Vs Darren Dougan (The Loup)

Bout No.3
Adrian Clarke (Belfast) Vs Aiden Smith (The Loup)

Bout No.4
Craig Challis (Larne) Vs Peter Murphy (Kilkenny)
No Contest 1st round - referee stopped fight due to injury

Super heavyweight Demo bout
Martin Connolly (Carrickfergus) Vs Peter Rusk (Carrickfergus)

Bout No.5
Mark Hennessy (Winner Points) (N. Ireland) Vs Mickael Magliano (Switzerland)
Split decision

Bout No.6
Gary Hamilton (Winner on points) Vs Aubrey Tarr (Ballysillan)

Bout No.7
Ian Young (Winner) (Belfast) Vs Fernando Martins (Portugal)
Martins corner abandoned fight in the 2nd round due to an injury

Ian Young (Belfast) Vs Fernando Martins (Portugal) Mark Hennessy (N. Ireland) Vs Mickael Magliano (Switzerland)

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