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ProKick's elder statesmen protest!


Desi the man behind the protest at ProKickThe elder statesmen of the famous Prokick Gym have protested that their children – and in some cases, grandchildren – are getting preferential treatment from kickboxing legend Billy Murray.
In recent weeks they have let their competitive youth shine through when the gym’s younger members returned home with trophies won at the gym’s monthly Prokick Says fun-day.

The fun-day allows young kickboxers who cannot compete Abie one of Desi's Grandchildrenuntil the age of the 15, to combine their talents in a ‘friendly’ competitive occasion each month. A range of games and tests on skills are rewarded with certificates and medals.
But now a team of older members, led by veteran Desi McCartney, who has three grandchildren training at Prokick, want a fun-day of their own.
Prokick’s head coach Billy Murray said “Some of my senior members have noted the benefits of the Prokick Says for the young members and they want to have their own fun-day. We launched the Prokick Says day because the children cannot compete until they reach 15 and it allows us to let them apply their skills in a competitive and enjoyable arena.
“We have rolled a number of games into one big occasion and the kids love it. Everyone is a winner and everyone goes home with a medal. It’s important to us at Prokick Gym that children learn about self-discipline, self-defence and grow up in a respected and disciplined environment.”
Now Grandad Desi McCartney will have a chance to win trophies in a special fun day of their own. Senior members will play competitive games like Follow, an all-action fitness game. The so-called new kids on the block will also compete in Prokick Says, a kickboxing version of the old schoolyard favourite Simple Simon Says.

veteran Desi McCartney, in training for ProKick Says day! High flying  Desi McCartney, wants to win trophies

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