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“Chuck Norris will come to Belfast ”

Chuck Norris in Las VegasTHE fight sensation that is the World Combat League (WCL) is on its way to Belfast, Northern Ireland following a weekend of intense travel and talking between Irish kickboxing king-pin Billy Murray and star of the big screen Chuck Norris in Las Vegas.

Murray skipped out of Belfast last weekend for a date with Norris, the man behind World Combat League, a new fight concept that is gripping audiences across America.

The city versus city all action showcase is pencilled in and is set to take place at the Odyssey Arena in October and Norris will be in town to oversee the European launch of WCL.

Norris will bring with him a US All-Star team that will take on an European side selected by former four-time four-weight world champ Murray.

World Combat League is a fight game like no other. There is no boxing ring and fights only last World Combat League is a fight game like no other. There is no boxing ring three minutes. Competitors showdown in an all-action round in a colour-zoned circle and can gain or lose points therein.

“I’m really excited about the WCL coming to Belfast,” said Murray.

“It’s going to be huge and I am confident it will also produce the biggest ever live screening of any sports event ever held in Northern Ireland. We will have to ship the massive ring to Belfast and we expect over 100 Americans to follow. There are still a lot of negotiating to be done before the WCL hits Belfast, but I'm very excited about it.

“This is going to be showcase Belfast and Northern Ireland on a bigger scale than the North West 200 and the Milk Cup put together, it’s that big in television terms, I’m sure it could be the largest Live TV event ever to come out of here. The WCL has captured the imagination of US audiences and I have no doubt it will be a major hit in Europe. All I have to do now is raise the money to make it happen but I’m confident that will happen once people see the product and see what’s on offer.”

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