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Ten year old Abie McCartney is Kickboxing crazy

Abie is now a ProKick Judge A Belfast school-girl is proved so good at her sport... that she has had to stop competing to give others a chance of winning!
Ten year old Abie McCartney is kickboxing crazy. In the three years she has been a member of Billy Murray’s ProKick Gym in east Belfast, she was won an astonishing 25 trophies and medals. But the Cregagh girl was barred from taking part in her gym’s ProKick Says fun Day this week, because she is just too good!
“She’s brilliant,” laughed Murray. “She’s a brilliant little athlete, she loves her kickboxing and she trains very hard. On this occasion, I thought it best to have Abie as a judge watching the other juniors taking part and encouraging them along. She was great about it and didn’t mind. But I’ve a feeling she’ll be back doubly determined next time.”
The ‘ProKick Says’ funday has been running every month since January. Up to 50 junior members of the gym - aged 6-11 - take part in the initiative that allows them to put their kickboxing skills on display in a friendly and competitive arena.
The young stars, who cannot compete in the ring until they reach the age of 15, combine the disciplines taught at the Prokick Gym in an occasion packed with fun.
It is, says coach Eddie Salmon, essentially a version of Simon Says
“Mr Murray wanted to give the young members an opportunity to practice, mixing competition with fun,” he said.
“Everyone is a winner and everyone goes home with a medal to show they have taken part. Other medals are awarded through the day for winning in certain tasks. These were the ones that Abie kept winning!”
The ProKick Says Funday is a great way for kids to get active in a fun environment. They next will take place at the start of June.
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And beware – Abie will be back next month. And she’ll mean business.

For further details on prokick classes - contact the Prokick Gym on 028 90 651 074.

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