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“ProKick team in Swiss action”


The team in GenevaWKN World champion Andrew Grimason showed no intentions of resting on his laurels - Belfast's latest world amateur champion was King of the ring in the UN's capital where he defeated popular Swiss fighter Cédric Happi on points. The 21 year old engineer from east-Belfast had the Swiss National down in two rounds of a scheduled three rounder.
Grimason who returned to the ring just four weeks after reaching the peak in kickboxing.
The newly crowned amateur world light middleweight world champion led a Northern Ireland select in Geneva last weekend while still on a high following his recent victory over Stevie Kitchener in Scotland.
Grimason said: “I’m still buzzing about winning the world title, never mind this win in Geneva, it’s a fantastic feeling; I’m still walking about with an extra couple of inches on my heels from my world title - this win in Geneva is great that's my third win in Switzerland, I love it there.”
Grim Reaper Grimason was joined by current WKN world featherweight champ Gary Hamilton, who only managing to share the decision with the current European champion Fleuret Bertrand of France. Former Linfield star Ian Young was on the wrong side of the judges for the second time in just four weeks but this time they came up with a draw.
Young, who suffered a controversial defeat in his bid to win the Celtic title in Scotland earlier this month, was gunning for a win in Geneva, the former football star 'Young Gun' found himself on the wrong side of the judges for a second time in just four weeks - Young, who now boosts a seven fight record in just nine months sheared the winning spot after officials declared the match a draw. The 28 year old from Saintfield had the Swiss fighter Luca Staeger on the canvas in the second round but still didn't get the nod from all three ringside judges. " I'm not disappointed, Luca is a very experienced martial artist and I'm glad no one lost when the fight is that close, Luca is a very well liked supporter to all our events in Belfast. Said Billy Murray
Saintfield's other title contender Stuart Jess - lost on a close points verdict whilst adopted team-mate, Scotland’s Alexander White lost his second pro bout to the more experienced Augusto de la Pena in a catch weight contest. Click here for more action pictures from Geneva
Fleuret Bertrand (France) vs Gary Hamilton (N,Ireland) 62kg - Draw Luca Staeger vs. Ian Young
The Prokick fighter are out in force again this weekend when the Loup's Darren Dougan will battle for the celtic Super middleweight WKN crown this Sunday first bell sounds at 3.30 they is a 10 fight bill for local fans to enjoy.

A big thanks to all the organisers of this WKN event for a well run event and the hospitality received!

Full Contact 5x2 mn Draw
Fleuret Bertrand (France) vs Gary Hamilton (N,Ireland) 62kg - Draw

Full Contact 5x2 mn
Augusto de la Pena (Swiss) (winner points) vs Alexandre White (Scotland) 63kg

Full Contact 3x2 mn - Draw
72kg Luca Staeger (Swiss) vs. Ian Young (N,Ireland)

Full Contact 3x2 mn
72kg Cédric Happi (Swiss) vs. Andrew Grimason (N,Ireland) - winner points

66kg Sami Fathallah (Swiss) (winner points) vs. Stuart Jess (N,Ireland)
Have a look at some of the action pictures taken by Graeme BoltonGraeme Bolton in Geneva

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