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“ProKick Hits The Loup In Co Derry ”

Darren Dougan and Promoter Billy Murray at the Loup  club getting ready for Mayhem IIDERRY kickboxing star Darren Dougan will draw on a big Belfast support as he goes out to challenge for the Celtic Super middleweight title at The Loup on May 14.
While the popular former kung fu instructor, who will challenge for the belt against Paul Smith in only his 11th outing in the ring, has no problems selling tickets in his own back yard, he is amazed that two coaches will transfer supporters from Belfast to withness Mayhem III in Derry.
“I’m overwhelmed that so many people are taking to time and trouble to come to Derry to back me in my title fight,” said Dougan.
“I’m promoting the show as well as headlining it and it takes up a lot of time and hard work. Selling tickets is never easy for competitive fighters but it makes things a lot easier when you suddenly find out that so many fans will be making a long journey to be on your side.
“I’ll just have to go out and make sure I win the title because I don’t want to send anyone home disappointed.”
Dougan enjoyed a recent win over the experienced Shan Wanless in Scotland and is confident he will wake up on May 15 as a new Celtic champion.
“I’m amazed at my own progress as a kickboxer,” he added.
“I thought I would give it a go and then return to kung fu but it has been an amazing experience and I am thankful for having had to opportunity to fight so often in a short space of time. I even got to fight in front of Marvelous Marvin Hagler at the Ulster Hall, now that’s something special.”

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