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“FightCard for the Loup May 14th ”

Hi All- Just some useful information to let you know the details for the Next Generation Mayham II event this Sunday May 14 at the loup.

Please note: The Fightcard is subject to change without prier notice.

Celtic Super middleweight title 4x2
Darren Dougan (Loup) Vs Paul Smith (Scotland)

Gary Fullerton (Belfast) Vs Jackey Byrnie (Scotland) 3x2

Jim Mc Loughin ( 15 Fights) Vs James Gillen (10 Fights) 96+kg 3x 1.5

Scott Jess (Dromore) (4 Fights) Vs Lee Copper (2 fights) (Scotland) 66kg 3x2

Aidan Smith (Loup) 1fight Vs Gerry William (Scotland 0fights) 86kg 3x2

Martin Connelly 3 fights) (Carrickfergus) Vs Tom Chek (Scotland) (0 fights) 96+kg 3x 1.5

Mark Bird (Lisburn) Vs Warren Betts (Dublin) 61kgs. 2x2 ( Both novice)

Martin McAlyn (Loup) (0 fights) Vs Ross (Dromore( 2 fights) 60 kg 2x2

Demos bouts:

Cahty McAleer (Belfast) Vs Lydia Braniff (Belfast) 3x 1.5
Gillian Delaney (Dublin) 67kg 1 Fight Vs TBA
Stuart Jess (Saintfield) Vs Alexander White (Scotland)
Niall Devlin Vs Niall Mullen Vs Michael Brentnalls

Juniors Age 12-14
Daivd Bird (Lisburn)Vs Dean Jones ( Dublin)

Fightcard is subject to change without prier notice.

The Weigh-in will take place at the at the venue (Loup commuinty centre) at 1pm sharp and will be followed immediately after by the doctor and rules meeting conducted by; WKN A-Class referee, Mr Gary Langford and WKN Rep Mrs Gail Hagan. If you want a brief synopsis of the amateur rules, contact Please make sure the fighters bring their WKN License with them so the Doctor and WKN Official can sign them at the time.
Once the rules meeting has been completed and everyone has seen the doctor for their pre fight medical, and licensing are completed, food will be led on for all parties involved with the event.
No videoing or flash photography are permitted - you can obtain your special event video and professional photographs by simply ordering them at the reception on the day.

Doors open 2.20pm with the first bout commencing at 3pm sharp, with the event over by approximately 6.00pm.
If any one requires tickets for the event can purchase them when the doors open at 2.20pm. Priced £7.50 adults and £2.50 for children.

Futher information can be found here - more info

Traveling to the Loup this Sunday - more info

Darran Dougan and his title challenge

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to ask.

Billy Murray

t: 028 9065 1074 (gym)


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