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“Results for the Loup May 14th ”

County Derry man Darren Dougan wins Celtic titleCounty Derry man Darren Dougan is ready to make kickboxing history for the north-west by becoming the sports first big name.
Popular Loup-based fighter Dougan sensationally ripped the Celtic Nation title away from Scottish champion Paul Smith with a first round KO that sent local fight fan into party mode.
Belfast's professional kickboxing champion Gary Hamilton, who competed in Geneva last weekend, has been helping Dougan prepare for his big occasion at the Prokick Gym in Belfast.
“Darren is fairly new to the kickboxing game after spending years in Kung Fu & Tae-Jitsu - you would think he’s been at it a long time. Hamilton, the featherweight world champion went on to say:
“His progress has been swift, he deserves to be Celtic champion after displaying power like that. He had a great win in Scotland last month over the experienced Sean Wanless. Dougan finished this fight with a clean left hook that sent Smith face first to the canvas - he’s just bursting with confidence now.”
The super middleweight Dougan headlined the May 14 Next Generation: Mayhem II show at The Loup - the quiet man of the sport said: “The day did not come quick enough for me. I’d been going over the fight in my head, in my sleep, in everything I do. I was told it’s a special feeling to have a championship belt around your waist, well it hasn't sunk in yet. I think for the next couple of days I'll go to bed and sleep with it on just so when I wake up in the mornings with my belt on I'll know it was not all a dream.
“This time last year I would never have imagined myself fighting for a domestic title but I must have impressed along the way - and now to win the title in a sport I feel I’m still learning is an unbelievable achievement for me and my club.”
Dougan’s corner-man, former four-time world champion Billy Murray, said: “Darren is credit to kickboxing. He dedicates himself to learning the ways of kickboxing and, as a natural in the art of combat, he has adjusted well, although it hasn't been easy at times. I have no doubt he can win other titles to go with his new Celtic title which I'm sure will take pride of place on his mantel place and rightly so. It was a superb feat in just his 10th fight to say that he is the best in the Celtic nation ranks. Now, he can go for the British title.”

Reports & photographs on other fights to follow - here's the results in brief:
Darren kickingJames KickingAidan Smith punchingMark Bird kicking

WKN Celtic Super middleweight title 4x2
Darren Dougan (Winner 1stRound KO) (Loup) Vs Paul Smith (Scotland)

Super Heavy weight 3x2 96+kg
James Gillen (10 Fights) (Winner 1st Round KO) Vs Jim Mc Loughin ( 15 Fights)

Light heavyweight 3x2
Aidan Smith (Loup) 1fight Vs Gerry William (Winner 2nd Round KO) (Scotland 0 fights) 86kg 3x2

Lightweight 2x2
Mark Bird (Lisburn) (Winner points) Vs Warren Betts (Dublin) 61kgs. 2x2 ( Both novice)

Light- welterweight 2x2
Martin McAlyn (Loup) Vs Ross (Dromore) (Winner points) 60 kg 2x2

Demos bouts:

Lady Killers a four women round-robin
Cahty McAleer (Belfast) Vs Lydia Braniff (Belfast)
Gillian Delaney (Dublin) Vs Barbera Delaney

Stuart Jess (Saintfield) Vs Alexander White (Scotland) Vs Scott Jess
Niall Devlin Vs Niall Mullen Vs Michael Brentnalls Vs Gary Fullerton

Juniors Age 12-14

Daivd Bird (Lisburn)Vs Dean Jones ( Dublin)
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