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“Not Just A Martial Artist ”

Daryl Campbell, whose worked  is now centre stage at the ProKick gym in Belfast CELEBRATED Belfast artist Terry Bradley has unearthed a new talent from the most unlikely of places – and is ready to make it Ulster’s "next big thing" in the art world.
The talent in question belongs to unknown 29-year-old graphic artist Daryl Campbell, whose worked was spotted by Bradley in a Belfast kickboxing gym!
"I came across a poster promoting a fight in Billy Murray’s gym and said ‘I’ve got to meet the person who did this’," said Bradley.
"There was something about Daryl’s work that had a connection with mine. It just jumped out at me and I had to talk to him. I have been looking for new talent for a while because I want to give others the opportunity to push themselves they way I had to in order to have my work recognised."
Unbeknown to Bradley, he had already admired Campbell’s work at the trendy Café Vaudeville in Belfast. A former University of Ulster student, Daryl created the look for Café Vaudeville when working with former employer Frank who he now has parted company with and has set up his own design studio.
proKick kids - respect Boy kickboxer ProKick Fighter ProKIck girl fighter
Yesterday, his latest works, went on display at the Prokick Gym in east-Belfast. It’s a series of far-east-themed drawings capturing profiles of Northern Ireland’s kickboxing champions and the young students of Billy Murray’s successful stable.
Daryl’s work is also featured on a new series of DVD’s produced by Prokick Gym.
Daryl Campbell sits for a photograph at ProKick, "I was a bit shocked when I received a phone call from Terry Bradley. I thought it was Billy Murray behind a wind-up and I wasn’t sure whether to take Terry seriously or not.
"But he met me the next day and was very enthusiastic about my work and what I had to offer.
"With Terry offering his advice, I have a great opportunity to develop and to put my work on a bigger platform for others to see."
Enthusiastic kickboxing legend Billy Murray is planning to turn his modest gym into a gallery to show off Daryl’s new images.
"I commissioned Daryl to draw up new signs and postcards for Prokick Gym and his idea has developed into what will be the signature images for our new gym which is being built this year.
"I think people who appreciate art will enjoy the idea of viewing new work in the atmosphere of a fight club.
"I’ve been working alongside Daryl for years and watched the development of his work. He is a superb artist and with my ideas we are an amazing team!"

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